Amid a pandemic, labor shortages and “the great resignation,” the Lake County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has declared 2021 the Year of the Youth. After feedback from local business owners, they knew there needed to be a program to support our young adults to help them not only find jobs early in their careers, but also retain them as their skills grow. . This not only benefits young adults, but also our entire economy!

The Youth Mentoring Program was born out of this. The target participants of this program are young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. The program is designed to better prepare our youngest citizens to become strong members of our workforce, addressing a great need that many business owners and leaders in our community face.

The Youth Mentorship Program is an eight-week experience to provide training and skills, especially soft skills, to our local young adults as they prepare to enter the job market. It is an academically structured program, through a partnership with faculty at Mendocino Community College and Woodland Community College, combined with hands-on, real-time guidance provided by local business leaders who serve as individual mentors. Six participants graduated from the program in 2021, and through a special partnership with Hope Rising and All Children Thrive (ACT) California, we are confident we will see 25-30 graduates in 2022!

The Chair of our 2022 Youth Mentoring Program will immediately begin leading the various components of the program – the framework for success is already built! The program is currently scheduled to start the week of September 19e and conclude the week of November 7e.

We are looking for someone with leadership skills, a passion for connecting small businesses and youth in Lake County, a basic understanding of structured (academic) learning, and project management skills. The President will be supported by the CEO, staff and the LCCC Board of Directors. The initial time commitment is 5-10 hours per week and will decrease as sub-committees are developed.

Anyone wishing to express an interest in serving our community in this role should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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