Adam Wright (30) at left and Alex Patience (33) at right

A Corby Weetabix worker and his best friend are aiming to raise £1,000 for Children’s cancer charity while performing a parachute jump.

Alex Patience and his best friend Adam Wright, both from Kettering, will take flight on July 30 in Peterborough.

Alex said: “To be honest, it’s always been on my to-do list. I’ve always loved roller coasters and things like that, Adam too.

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“We decided to try and do it this year and thought we might as well try to raise money for charity.”

They raise money for Kids Cancer Charity, a national charity set up to support children with cancer and their families.

Alex said: “We knew we wanted to do a cancer charity. When we found the children’s charity, we decided to do it.

” It’s for a good cause. Cancer is a horrible thing and they also support the family.

They both initially started with goals of £400 each, but Alex has since broken that, having currently raised £530. Adam raised £300 and together they are now aiming to surpass their goal of £1,000.

The couple have been friends for 12 years, having met at university. Adam was Alex’s best man at his wedding.

Alex said: “We realized after the lockdown that we wanted to try and spend more time together and do more things together.

“There’s a bit of friendly competition between us as well as between me and my wife who went skydiving at 18 about 10 years ago.”

If you would like to donate to Alex or Adam, visit their JustGiving pages (alexander) (Adam).