Woman loses half a finger after manicure treatment goes terribly wrong


A woman’s finger was amputated after contracting a potentially fatal infection during a manicure.

Jose Jackson, 57, has been warned that if she did not undergo an operation, she could lose her arm.

The gran of two was accidentally stabbed into the cuticle – the area of ​​clear skin where the bottom of the nail meets the finger – while a set of acrylic nails was applied in a salon.

Her finger swelled and turned purple, then began to cry pus.

The damage was so severe that the doctors had no choice but to remove half of her finger.

An inspection in the salon revealed that the tools were not properly cleaned between customers.

The 57-year-old won an out-of-court settlement and a five-digit payout against the salon

Jose of Carmarthen in southwest Wales later sued and won a five-figure settlement. She tells her story to highlight the importance of cleanliness in nail bars.

The pub manager told the Daily Star Sunday, “I wanted to treat myself to make me feel good, but it ruined my life and cost me a finger.

“The infection had eaten away at my finger and bone.

“The doctors removed more than half of my finger. it was either that or I’ll lose my whole arm. Without that finger, I can’t grab or press buttons – it’s changed the way I do everything. “

She says it “ruined her life”

During treatment in December 2017, the salon technician slipped with a cuticle pusher.

Jose said, “She was distracted by the doorway. Her hand slipped and she poked my nail, which drew some blood. “

Her finger swelled up over the next week. The affected grandmother went to her family doctor, who gave her an antibiotic treatment. But the infection got worse.

At a second consultation, the family doctor sent her to the hospital. Jose said, “I was in absolute agony. I went to A&E. The surgeon said,” I don’t know how you handled this for two weeks. “

She had to have the top of her index finger surgically removed

She was diagnosed with a staph infection, which develops from the bacterium Staphylococcus that enters the skin through an incision. It can be fatal.

Doctors couldn’t save the fingertip and Jose was sent for amputation in January 2018.

She added, “Losing my finger changed my life. I was struggling to do anything, I couldn’t grab a pen or my toothbrush.

“I couldn’t open cans, push buttons, or play my guitar. I kept dropping things. “

The manicure cost her half a finger

Six weeks after her surgery, Jose contacted a health inspector who performed an exam on the nail bar.

They concluded that the tools used on nails were not properly sanitized between uses. A lawyer helped her find compensation and she won an out-of-court settlement and a five-figure payout.

Jose said, “I was afraid it might happen to someone else, so I hired a health inspector to look into it.”

Despite the payout, she added, “It doesn’t feel like a win, it doesn’t bring my finger back.

“I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else by highlighting the importance of cleanliness in these places.”


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