Talk about big foot strength, a Wiltshire man is running 13-mile half marathons every day for 31 days this month – and he’s doing it barefoot.

Ben Weeks, a 45-year-old commercial property consultant from Cherhill, near Calne, has set himself the staggering goal of completing a total of 406 miles by the end of the month.

And the challenge is to keep it on his toes as Ben not only aims to stay on track every day, but he’s also trying to break the current world record of 20 consecutive half marathons run without shoes. .

Every day Ben walks a route in the Marlborough Downs and what keeps him going is a really good cause – he’s aiming to raise £10,000 for the Young Lives vs Cancer charity.

After running in shoes for 17 years, Ben took up running barefoot during lockdown.

“I thought I’d give it a try and found out that your bare feet are perfectly designed for running anyway, you push yourself a lot more with your toes, so why lock it in a super lined shoe?” said Ben.

Of course everyone asks, but doesn’t that hurt?

“And the simple answer is no,” he said.

“I’ve fallen down rabbit holes many times, but running barefoot just tingles your feet. You have thorns and things in your feet that you have to dig out and there is a bit of a pulsation, but you get used to it.

Ben hopes to raise the £10,000 in tandem with his friend Vic Owens, who is also running the 31 sponsored half-marathons at his base in North Wales.

Miffy Kilby of the cancer charity said the couple first got involved in fundraising for Young Lives vs Cancer through Instagram running community Wildrunners.

“Ben and Vic’s goal of £10,000 could cover the cost of a family’s nine-month stay in one of our homes which offer free accommodation close to specialist childhood cancer treatment centres. , which are often several miles from a family’s home,” Miffy said. .

“Last year, Young Lives vs Cancer helped 98 Wiltshire families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them. The charity distributed 77 financial grants worth £15,555 to help families with the costs of cancer.

Ben added: “As parents, knowing that there is support through organizations such as Young Lives vs Cancer is a huge relief, and so the least Vic and I can do is put our feet up. on trial for such a great cause.”

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