Primary school teacher Angela Ratcliffe lives with her husband Chris and their two children Max, nine, and Gerorgia, six, at their home in Standish.

The 38-year-old was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) this summer, after discovering a lump in her left breast, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

TNBC is considered an aggressive cancer because it grows rapidly, is more likely to have spread by the time it is detected, and accounts for 10-15% of all breast tumors.

Angela is wearing a crazy mohican wig.

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To raise awareness and funds for a charity, Breast Cancer Now, and whenever she’s well enough to race for school, Angela wears crazy hats to help kids talk about it more easily.

She said: ‘I found a lump in my breast in July and was later diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. We obviously wanted to be open with the children so we told them about it straight away.

“I have a nine-year-old and a six-year-old and they were doing great until I lost my hair. My youngest found it really difficult so we started playing with the wigs and the hats at home. at first, to make it easier for them and the children liked it a lot. And then, we did it a bit as a joke, that I went to school one day with a wig and all the other kids liked it too.

Angela wearing a wig and her Breast Cancer Now charity t-shirt.

“We wanted to do it to make it as normal as possible and easier to talk about it with the kids. It got people talking about it because I don’t think people expect a no one my age has cancer.

“All the other parents started talking about it and then we decided to do the fundraiser.

“So I created a fundraising page on Facebook called Wig-on-her and shared the silly wigs and things I wore to school. just over £1,800.

“I started with £1,000 as a goal, but we got over that very quickly, so now we’re hoping to raise £5,000 and I’ll keep doing it all for as long as I feel good enough to do it.

Green squid hat.

“I have a huge mohican wig, I have a green squid hat, a turkey hat and all kinds, given to me by people. They mail them to me as well as a donation so c is really awesome.

“I now get requests from my kids’ classmates, telling me what kind of wig or hat to wear, so the whole school gets involved!”

Of her treatment, Angela said: “I am currently on chemotherapy and then I will have to have a double mastectomy after that.

“Hopefully that’s all, but I’ll have to get an MRI before I know more.”

Angela in a pink wig.
Pirate wig.
Angela with a wig and a witch hat.