When Russell Howard appeared on the Great British Bake-off’s Stand Up To Cancer Charity Special, one thing has been clarified. The comic is better in stand-up than in baking. Who knew? Although there is little danger of becoming a Star Baker (just go back to the moving choux pastry sculpture he made of himself, his wife and their dog Archie), fans of the Bristol comedian wondered who he was married to. His showstopper certainly helped paint a vivid photo of his partner.

Although Howard is relatively private when it comes to his personal life, he previously revealed that his wife, Cerys Morgan, is an NHS consultant, specializing in geriatrics. When the pandemic hit, Howard went to spend the lockdown with his parents in Bath, so Morgan could safely treat COVID-19 patients on the NHS frontline, while living in their London home with a group of other key workers.

“It’s very weird at first because you feel such incredible pride but also such fear,” he said The Guardian. “You see nurses and doctors in full PPE gear. And it’s kind of disconcerting to think that she’s also your wife.

First meeting in 2004 through Howard’s actor brother, Kerry, Howard and Morgan dated for fifteen years before finally getting married. “I prefer not to talk about her because she has a real job and I’m a clown”, he once said The Telegraph.

Morgan is a regular on Twitter, mostly sharing her experiences in the NHS, her latest hikes and cute shots of the couple’s dog, Archie. Although she rarely posts directly about her husband, she supported Howard when he was charged with defamation after calling Tory MP Philip Davies a ‘windbreaker’ in 2016. and shared the news of the dismissed claims.

The couple tied the knot in 2019, with Howard proposing to Japan the year before. As he told talk show host Jonathan Ross, it was a bit of an unusual engagement in that, just three hours later, he left his partner to take part in a sumo match.

I must have walked out thinking that might be the last time I would see her,” he joked. The wedding itself was a rowdy affair: “Our dog was the ring bearer, the prince of the people, Archie. When they declared us husband and wife, my dog ​​left [loud retching noise]…he didn’t approve.