Judy Welch receives her Citizen of the Year award from Fire Chief Brian Hanus in front of the Tama Fire Department building during the Lincoln Highway Bridge Festival

Judy Welch was recently named Tama’s Citizen of the Year after receiving a nomination from the fire department.

Welch’s consistent charitable work over the past 38 years has not gone unnoticed by his peers. She has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, taught Sunday school for over 25 years, worked on church repairs, cleared brush around Cherry Lake and cleaned ditches on Highway 30, for cite just a few of his efforts.

“I just like helping people. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it. she said when asked why she was a volunteer.

Welch also fills in for local businesses when they need help, including working part-time as Toledo’s city clerk and mentoring future city clerks while they hire a replacement.

Welch also volunteers at the Pantry, the Wieting Theater and Meals on Wheels.

“Everyone should get involved” said Welch. “If you want to get to know and meet great people, volunteering is the best way to go. Get involved in your local church, talk to your town clerk. They will always have something to do for you and to help you.

In Tama and Toledo there are many opportunities to get involved at the local level.

“Go to the pantry. Go to the Wieting. Go to the clothes closet. There is always a place that could use your help,” said Welch.

Originally, Welch avoided being nominated for the award because she doesn’t get involved in her community and help people for recognition. Instead, she does it because she thinks it’s the right thing to do.

When asked what it meant to be nominated and then win the award, Welch said it was a “very humiliating” experience before referring to all the previous winners of the award, whose names adorn the walls of the Tama Civic Center.

“You never know where you’ll find me working” said Welch.

This rings true for someone who is constantly active in their community and someone to look up to when residents want an example of how best to serve the place they call home.