Candice Caffas, 34, was last seen on July 16.

The search for a missing Meadville woman has been going on for a week – and on Friday it was time to bring some help from Warren County.

Candice Caffas, 34, was last seen on Saturday July 16 at Lake Conneaut.

Hundreds of people participated in his search.

Warren County Public Safety Director Ken McCorrison received a text Thursday asking if he could find people to contribute.

“I received a text message from the Crawford County Deputy Director of Public Safety,” said McCorrison. “We have been working on it for days. We could use a helping hand.

McCorrison contacted fire chiefs across the county.

“Some fire departments have really mobilized”, he said. “We have built quality teams.

Cherry Grove, Clarendon, Glade, Sheffield, Spring Creek and Youngsville departments, as well as Public Safety, all sent people to the effort.

Distance was not an issue for teams in the eastern county. “These guys are always stepping up,” said McCorrison. “Research is what they do.”

About 15 Warren County participants were among about 75 researchers on Friday.

“It wasn’t just the firefighters” said McCorrison. “They had civilians there, law enforcement. They had a few drones. A national police helicopter. The State Police have assembled a division out of Hershey – they’re a strong team.

Among the county’s equipment used in the search were ATVs, UTVs and a private drone that the county uses when needed.

The searches met at the Vernon Central Fire Department in Meadville for a briefing, then “we went out and did some research,” said McCorrison.

The search organizers placed the teams on a grid pattern through woods, stream bottoms and open cornfields.

“We worked on these models,” he said.

Warren County crews began searching around 11 a.m. and left to return home after 5 p.m.

Caffas was not found at this time. “To my knowledge, it did not work” said McCorrison.

But, he hopes the Warren County researchers’ efforts have given the Crawford County researchers a break and a chance to renew their efforts.

“They’ve been there for days and that was in the 90s,” he said. “They needed extra hands.”

“We were happy that we were able to come out and give these guys a break and help them,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about, helping your neighbors.”

The Crawford County Public Safety Facebook page has information for anyone wishing to help.

There has been no formal request for additional support from the county. But this support is available.

“With the agencies, we are waiting for a request” said McCorrison. “They didn’t ask.”

“If they text me, I’ll find them other crews,” he said. “We have to remember that this is someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter.”

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