Volunteer Whanganui supports 101 non-profit organizations with volunteers. Here are some available positions:

Urgent Jobs – Volunteer Whanganui
Night crisis line worker
On Call Dial Newsreader
· Member of the backstage team of the Opera
· Boules animator
· Secretary of the Friends of the Whanganui River
basketball coach
· Workshop assistant
Municipal mission gardeners
· Delivery man
· Visit the elderly
Swim club coordinators
Walking tour guide
shuttle cleaner
· Walking buddy
Retail – Op Shop Whanganui East
Retail – Op Shop Gonville
Alexa support person (voice)
· Library assistant
· Market assistant
Committee Member/Administrator
Inn Hand
library shelf
· Operator
Op Shop Sorter/Cleaner
· Driver
Homework group/extracurricular group leader
Grants Coordinator
Dial on call newsreader
· Sanitary shuttle driver
Companion of the medical shuttle
Whanganui Volunteer Raffle Vendors
Meals on Wheels driver
Internet Banking/Smartphones/Tablets tutor
Wanganui Community Patrol
· Tram Drivers/Motorman
· Horse groomer and trainer

If you are interested in one of these volunteer positions, give us a call or come see us.
Room 110, 60 Ridgway Street, Community House, “The Old Post Office” Wanganui
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ph (06) 3479430 Email: [email protected] or visit our website for all our current positions: Volunteerwhanganui.org.nz