U. SAUCON TWP., Pa. — Mowing, raking, and watering aren’t so fun chores in your own backyard, but for these golf enthusiasts, it’s an honor to get dirty at Saucon Valley Country Club.

“I am happy to play a small part in this whole great operation,” said volunteer Seamus Foley.

Foley traveled from Ohio to volunteer for the US Senior Open. He is part of the field crew and starts his day long before the sun rises.

“We’ll come in, we’ll have coffee at 3:30 p.m., a meeting at 4:00 a.m., and then we’ll go out and mow the first greens before the fire,” Foley said.

Foley is on moisture duty, which means he checks the course to make sure there is enough moisture on the greens. His co-volunteer, Andrew Rocco, is on search duty. He traveled from Los Angeles to work the tournament.

“My boss sent me here to learn about the experience of the USGA volunteering at tournaments and see how the whole operation works,” Rocco said.

Foley and Rocco are two of approximately 60 out-of-town volunteers, more like apprentices, staying at DeSales University for the week. The hours are brutal, the work is intense and there is no pay, so why are they doing it? A true love for the sport.

“So much joy to come to different courses and learn how they work and how they work, seeing it from a player’s perspective as well,” Rocco said.

“We just want to provide the best possible product to the best golfers in the world,” Foley said.

Plus, sleep deprivation and blisters are worth the front row seats for all the action.

“It’s great to watch good golf here when the course is fully composed,” said Rocco.