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Volunteer Week – Community Services

Each year, National Volunteer Week celebrates volunteers across the country. This gives us the opportunity to thank local volunteers for all they do for our community.

The 2022 theme, better togetherhighlights how volunteering changes communities for the better.

2022 ACT Woman of the Year, Kelli-Ann Jackson shared how volunteering has helped her change the community for the better and the satisfaction it has brought her.

Kelli entered the world of volunteering by chance. After a tough time in her life, she decided she wanted to challenge herself by unicycling around the world. Only she did not know how to ride a unicycle and had to learn first. She set out to find an adventurous identity, approached her roommate and offered to help organize some outdoor activities, for what was then a small community get-together group.

Kelli was asked to take the band on permanently soon after and turned it into the band it is now.

Since its inception, the group has organized over 450 outdoor activities, in which over 4,300 Canberran women have taken part.

The motto of the organization is “it’s never just a walk”. because so often women join on the outside, they often come away with so much more than that.

For Kelli, the best part of her volunteer work is witnessing first-hand the personal transformations that those who join go through.

Kelli’s advice to someone looking to get into volunteering is “think about what you can do, to have the biggest impact with your time.”

For anyone looking to volunteer, Kelli also recommends thinking about your personal values ​​and what you enjoy doing and finding something that matches that. She also suggests searching online to see which organizations are looking for volunteers.

Volunteering ACT’s 2022 Volunteer Expo is another great opportunity to learn about local volunteer opportunities. The Expo will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the Old Bus Depot (where the Old Bus Depot Markets are held).

For more information, visit the ACT website on volunteering.

Page updated: May 17, 2022