UP Police Busts Sextortion Racket, Five Held


Uttar Pradesh police uncovered a sex torture racket in Ghaziabad on Friday 23 October. Five people were arrested in connection with this. The defendant used an international adult website and strip chat social network to blackmail people.

Police superintendent Nipun Agarwal said the defendant used nude video clips to attract people and extort money. They had eight bank accounts that have now been confiscated, the Hindustan Times reported.

He added that in one case ₹ 80 lakh extorted from a victim. The gang is said to have extorted Business people and executives after blackmailing them with sex chat pictures and videos. They have targeted and blackmailed around 200 people in the past two years ₹ 22 crore of them.

The veil was lifted after a police team from Rajkot visited Ghaziabad in Gujarat in connection with a fraud and honeytrap case. A few weeks ago a businessman in Rajkot had complained about the diversion of an auditor into his firm ₹ 80 lakh from the company’s account.

Similar incident from Mumbai

A similar incident was reported earlier this week in Mumbai where police blew up a sex tourism racket and caught the two main attractions, a woman and her partner, from the airport. The former was arrested under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act last year.

According to the report, the department had received an indication that the defendant was planning to travel to Goa. Some of the police officers posed as customers for whom the woman organized two girls.

“A trap was set at the airport where the three girls met an officer and others who acted as decoys. Money and plane tickets were exchanged; on a signal from them, the team arrested the three women,” said the police.

The woman confessed to her crime and was brought before a court that ordered her detention.

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