NEW DELHI: After a decade of trifurcation, the Unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will be restored to its old form on Sunday, however, with some changes. Preparations were in full swing Saturday at civic corps headquarters to welcome the new officers.

With this, employees who have not received their pending salaries, hope that this will finally end their ordeal. The employees’ union plans to meet with the newly appointed top executives on Sunday, as the head office will open briefly to mark the day.

Formal meetings and the onboarding process will begin on Monday. However, the special officer, who will now be the most senior official, will take office on Sunday, officials said.

On Friday, the Union Home Ministry appointed 1992 IAS officer Ashwini Kumar as a “special officer” and Gyanesh Bharti as the new commissioner, who has held the post until now. position of commissioner of the civic body of the South.

As per the recently amended Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act 2022, the special officer shall be the highest authority of the unified civic body until the holding of municipal elections and the election of a new house .

“The special officer and the commissioner will come to the office on Sunday for a brief period. They will meet with heads of departments and other members. A list of the total number of departments and employees has been prepared for the integration,” said said a senior city official.

During this time, the employee associations sought time to meet the new managers. “We were told that after unification we will start receiving our salaries regularly. Unpaid for five months, staff members have been buried under loans,” said Ramnivas Solanki, general secretary of Nagar Nigam Shikshak Sangh.