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JAY – Two political newcomers vie for Jay City overseer after former overseer Archie Depo retires.

Democrat Matthew J. Stanley faces independent Garth Rogers in the November 2nd general election.

Councilman / Assistant Supervisor Thomas McDonald has served as a supervisor since Depo stepped down in August. McDonald is not on the ballot but has asked voters to write on his behalf for the manager.

The Press Republican asked the official candidates:

What are the most important issues in your city and how would you approach them?

Jay Town supervisor


“The town of Jay hasn’t been as open with communications as it should be. I plan to be more transparent with our residents and to have open communication between the supervisor, the board of directors and our voters.

“I will do this by engaging townspeople with information before, during and after board meetings, through weekly manager updates and quarterly newsletters, and getting involved in the community by attending meetings and events.

“Jay town has not had a seated member on the Essex County Board of Supervisors since the former overseer retired in August. I will be very committed to the City of Jay at the county, state, and federal levels.

“I will listen actively, ask questions and make recommendations on behalf of our city. I will try to work in committees at the district level, promote meetings with our state and federal representatives and join local, state and national associations.

“The town of Jay runs year after year, budget after budget, putting out fires as they arise. I plan to be proactive, not reactive. I would like to have regular civil protection committee meetings, a multi-year financial plan, ie equipment replacement, building upgrades, etc., and a plan to attract and retain skilled workers. “


party: Democratic and independent (Labor Party).

age: 44.

education: BS in Computer Engineering.

job: State Correctional Officer.

Civil organizations: Jay Volunteer Fire Department.

family: Mrs. Shannon; Daughters, Jenna and Addie.


“We have a lot of significant problems in Jay City because our community has not developed at a rate that the surrounding communities have developed in recent years.

“Our main problem is that our taxes are significantly higher than those of the surrounding communities, and we have to thoroughly review our budget.

Second, we need to put in place a proactive community marketing plan to encourage new business growth, with an emphasis on encouraging local residents to start new businesses here in our community. We need to market our recreational activities, local restaurants, shops, artists, our local farms, and our quaint small town charm.

“Third, we need to change the way our city council works and works to get our residents back on track. We need real transparency and effective communication, a detailed weekly report from regulators and a detailed monthly financial report.

“I will be creating committees to address new challenges like making a long-term community plan, creating a contingency plan, a finance committee responsible for reviewing the city’s monthly spending, working on our annual budget, and long-term financial planning for us Better finance new and exciting aspects of our community. I believe that having our residents working side by side with our elected officials is the only way to have a truly transparent government. “

Rogers is on the ballot as an independent but said that if he is elected he will be sworn in as a Republican.


party: Independent (taxpayers unite, we can do it).

age: 50.

education: Some college.

job: Retired CEO.

family: Mrs., Christine; four adult sons, Jake, Zach, John and Doug.

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