A CHEF with terminal cancer has been overwhelmed with support after a fun day out which raised nearly £10,000 for his chosen charity.

Chris Chapman, 57, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three days before Christmas last year after suffering from a painful stomach ache.

Rather than dwell on his diagnosis, Chris, a regular at The Two Brothers pub for over 25 years and one of the pub’s chefs, wanted to organize a fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

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Generous donors, participants and pub staff donated their time and money to the busy fundraiser at the Chartwell Green pub which raised £9,068.

Chris said: “I’m blown away by it all. It started with £150 so it’s just unreal.

“If it makes people more aware of pancreatic cancer, even better. I want to thank everyone.

“Currently there is no selection process available, so hopefully the money we have raised will go towards that.”

Rachel, Chris’ wife, said: “Pancreatic cancer is known as the silent killer. Chris had a stomach ache in November and found out he had cancer on December 22.

“At the start of testing, we Googled the symptoms and resolved them, but we never said it out loud.

“We know it won’t save Chris, but it will save thousands in the future.

“We have been overwhelmed by people who have given of their time, and who have just given.

“We know it won’t change our situation, but it might change someone else’s.”

Rachel and Chris contacted pub manager Kelly Rice four weeks ago asking him to organize a fundraiser in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Chris and Rachel Chapman with pub manager Kelly Rice (left) outside The Two Brothers

Three weeks later, none of them expected to raise nearly £10,000 at the March 6 event.

Rachel said: “We didn’t expect it to get so big. How we managed to do it all in two weeks and three days amazes me now.

“More than a thousand people came in and out during the day, it was full.

“For us, it was 50% awareness and 50% fundraising.”

Future fundraisers for the charity are in the works as it was named Pub’s Chosen Charity of the Year.

Director Kelly said: “We’ll be fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK all year round and we won’t stop. We have even more raffle prizes and auctions.

“People said it happened to their family members, so the fundraiser brought people together and it’s a support network. It was emotional to see everyone coming together.

“I am grateful that we have organized the fundraiser here and we will continue to raise awareness and fundraise.”

For more information on the disease, visit the Pancreatic Cancer UK website.