On this Christmas Eve, there are families all over Mid-Ohio Valley who have a pretty good idea that Santa will be leaving presents under the tree tonight because they first registered with the Toys program. for Tots.

“The Mid-Ohio Valley has been very generous to the less fortunate and has turned what could be a huge shortfall into another successful campaign,” said Cliff Hecker, US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program coordinator in our area.

Volunteers and donors have helped the group once again fulfill its vital mission.

“Volunteers who work seemingly endless hours really love to bring the gift of hope, that someone cares for those in need here in the Mid-Ohio Valley,” Hecker said. They really help the group to experience the idea that “Every child deserves a little Christmas.”

This year, in fact, donors have made sure that kids of all ages get freebies, even though they had to do a little last minute work to fill the void for kids ages 7-9. They can do this through cash donations received throughout the year.

“We are lucky for the amount of toys and cash donations we receive to help the children in the region have a good Christmas,” Hecker said.

Indeed. Thank you all.

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