Top 10 The Spin – Middle East Campaign


1 The Spin was recently served this ad for, well, ads. Which is pretty meta when it’s delivered to a magazine through advertising. But we wonder what an existential crisis the designer had while sitting there, laughing at his laptop, eating his baby food and finally just apologizing. For what?

2 Who doesn’t love stationery, right? And who doesn’t love the smell of fresh wood chips? But while “number two” may remind Americans of what many of us consider an HB pencil, it has a slightly different meaning in other parts of the world. And maybe not the most enticing name for a perfume.

3 Here you can find out how to disinfect hands incorrectly. If pictures A man from Saudi Arabia appeared at a sandwich board distributing hand sanitizer, the world’s media quickly pounced on the company behind it with allegations of worker exploitation and worse. This is probably not the response his employers have been looking for.

4th Don’t have any ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’m trying to find a way to really increase the romance stake and spend a few thousand dirhams but still looking for a discount. Then you have come to the right place with this offer. What better way to say “I love you” than to ask your mother-in-law to attend your special evening?

5 The Spin wants to remind Dubai’s newspapers that headlines like this are still wrong just because the year of tolerance is over.

6th The Spin was super excited to see this act come to Dubai. “For the first time in Dubai,” said the restaurant. We love daft punk. But then we took a closer look to see the little “tribute” that was secretly put into the graphics. We weren’t the only ones those who feel a little bit deceived. “You mean the honor is the first time in Dubai or the fact that you are hosting an event?” Asked one commentator. The venue did not respond.

7th The Spin is delighted with the wording used to promote Emirates Loto. The draw is, as we are told, “to change life ball by ball”. What better way to change your life, we wonder.

8th (Not pictured, of course!) With small businesses grappling with the effects of Covid-19, help can come from all sorts of places. The Spin recently received an email from a US company called Stripchat (we don’t know how they got our email, we swear) that claims itself to be “a leading free online adult entertainment and live platform -Cams “. It offers free marketing to companies affected by Covid-19 through “free advertising on its website about branded T-shirts worn by popular cam models”. Or probably not worn in the end.

9 The spin is all about celebrating past acts of fame, and there have been many ways the Olympic Games official Twitter account could have chosen to celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Games opening. But maybe the showing of a film from the 1936 event in Berlin, which is often referred to as the “Hitler Olympics”, did not achieve the feel-good factor we were all looking for.

10 The Spin may seem funny and hilarious, but the truth is, we’re grumpy so-and-sos. Therefore we plan not to extend our bus pass in Ajman. A door that won’t open if you’re not smiling sounds like a mix of both The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or just existential hell.



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