TWO people are raising money to support a new breast cancer charity following the death of a close family member.

Lewis Baxter, 23, and Judith Robinson, 49, were the son and sister of Ruth Baxter, who died of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in July 2020.

She had spent more than 10 years as a lecturer at the University Center at Blackburn College and was a councilor at Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Ruth, an avid runner, had already been diagnosed and cured of the aggressive form of breast cancer, only for it to return in 2019 and quickly spread to her bones, lungs and liver.

Despite surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and pioneering immunotherapy, Ruth’s condition gradually worsened and she lost her battle with TNBC at the age of 52.

While the most common breast cancers have one of three types of estrogen, progesterone, and human epidermal growth receptors, about 15% of all diagnoses have none of these receptors and are said to be “triple negative.”

FAMILY: Lewis with his mother, Ruth, who died aged 52

With over 8,000 people diagnosed with TNBC each year, the vast majority of them women, Lewis and Judith’s mission is to raise awareness of this rare form of breast cancer, and to raise funds and awareness of The UK Charity for TNBC – which provides information for people living with TNBC and funds scientific research to develop more targeted and effective treatments.

For their Triple Challenge, Lewis and Judith will run three miles, three times a week for three months. They started on December 3 and their challenge will end on March 3, which is TNBC Awareness Day.

Additionally, Judith will have her hair cut, with over 45cm of her hair being donated to The Little Princess Trust Charity, where real wigs are made for children and young people who have lost their hair due to a treatment for cancer or other conditions.

For some of their runs, Lewis and Judith will travel memorable routes for Ruth and visit hospitals where Ruth received treatment, including the Royal Blackburn Hospital, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Burnley General Teaching Hospital and the Rosemere Cancer Foundation Charity at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Ruth’s son Lewis said: “Mom loved running, so it seemed like the perfect way to remember Ruth and put TNBC and this fantastic new Charity on the map.”

Judith said: “Before Ruth was diagnosed with TNBC, we had never heard of it. We are delighted to be supporting the vital work and raising awareness of the UK charity for TNBC, while starting the conversation about TNBC in Lancashire and beyond.”

A spokesperson for The UK Charity for TNBC said: “With over 40,000 people living with TNBC in the UK, it has a much wider impact on family and friends.

“There are several fantastic cancer and breast cancer charities out there, but we are the only ones in the UK with a specific focus on TNBC.”

To follow Lewis and Judith’s journey and support them, visit their GoFundMe page: