Tinder’s single with the most fantasies following X Factor’s breakup with Natasha Boon


A model who was Tinder’s most popular man is single again after breaking up with a former X-Factor candidate.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 29, rose to fame in 2017 after the dating app announced that more users – 14,600 in two years – stole for him than anyone else.

He hit the headlines again in August when he revealed he loved 27-year-old singer Natasha Boon, whom he met the “old-fashioned” way through a friend.

But they broke up last week, and Stefan announced that he’s back on the dating market for 2020 – and it’s not out of the question to return to Tinder to find love.

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 7: Stefan-Pierre Tomlin attends The Perception Official Launch at The W Hotel on November 7, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images for W London)

Stefan, who had been looking for love for dating apps for five years before meeting Natasha in April, said, “I got single last week when my ex and I agreed our relationship wasn’t working.

“We argued and fought a lot and agreed that we were different.

“I just wanted to be a little alone and get my own space back.

“I can’t understand why I wouldn’t use tinder again, so I’ll get back to it soon and try to find a happy wife.

“It would be great to do what I did on the app before because I’ve talked to a lot of different people and made appointments. It was fun.

Stefan recently broke up with X Factor contestant Natasha Boon

“But right now I don’t feel like doing handicrafts – I’ve lived with my ex for six months, so it would be difficult to move on that quickly.”

When Stefan from south London was first referred to as Mr. Tinder by a women’s magazine, he thought it was a prank.

He added, “When I was busy with dating apps, I got the impression that people just wanted to talk to Mr. Tinder.

“It didn’t make it easy for me to find out who really liked me.

“So I’m also open to meeting someone outside of Tinder – in fact, you meet a lot of people every day.

“I’m looking for someone I can grow with.”


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