Ochiltree Community Hub recently hosted a coffee morning for a local family in honor of the Beatson Cancer Charity.

The Mangan family organized the charity event as they had recently used the services provided by the Beatsons and they wanted to raise funds to show their thanks and appreciation.

Thomas Mangan organized the coffee morning – with the help of his family and friends – and he is also running the Edinburgh Marathon to raise money for the charity.

Locals donated to the family to host a coffee morning, people donated for cakes and coffees and to play “Guess the Marathon” hour for Thomas.

Thomas said: “I would like to thank everyone who attended, donated and gave their time to help with the Beatson Cancer Charity Cafe Matinee at The Hub, Ochiltree.

“Many thanks to Alex, Roberta and the staff at The Ochiltree Hub for using an amazing venue and support.

“Also The Bakery Box, GRO and Louise McLachlan for donating the delicious cakes. Jack, Stephen, Ben, Morven, Kirsten and my dad for entertaining us with their music. Roberta, Stephen, Maureen, Robert, Logan, Alex and Charlotte for their help with the installation and cleaning.

“A big thank you to Elleisha, Peter, mum and dad for helping organize this event.

“It was a fun day that raised money for a good cause. With your help, the coffee morning raised the incredible sum of £811.12. Thanks.”

A spokesperson for the Ochiltree Hub said: “The Hub was delighted to be seen as an ideal location to host such an event.

“There is no doubt that events like this integrate the values ​​of the establishment. We wish Thomas all the best in his marathon.