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“They have hearts that are just amazing”

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – This week is a week off for the Tennessee Volunteers football team, and some of the players were using the extra time to volunteer in the community.

On Wednesday, the Vols football players showed up unannounced at the Children’s Hospital of East Tennessee.

“They have hearts that are just amazing,” said Cheryl Allmon, director of volunteer services at the hospital.

The goal was to help decorate the hospital yard for Halloween and brighten the day for the children.

“You have the opportunity to go out and put a smile on someone’s face. And giving back, we really don’t do much,” said Jacob Warren, a tight end for the football team.

Tennessee has a big game at LSU in a week and a half, but Warren said it’s a good opportunity for players to distract themselves from football by putting up decorations, lights and interacting with the kids.

“Break the ice and get to know them a little bit,” Warren said. “Get to know their name, ask them about school and all that stuff. And they’re starting to cheer up, and they really like spending time with us, and we like spending time with them the same way.

Now kids can enjoy the final product.

“Mrs. Becka here, her room is facing the courtyard,” Allmon said. So it couldn’t get any better than that. »

Allmon said the kids are big fans of the players and having them in the hospital means the world to them.

“No wonder they win, they have winning hearts,” she said.

Warren said players love doing stuff like this and plan to do more as the holiday season approaches.