The non-profit organization “UKEAS” is renamed “Intake Education”


Regional news from Friday, September 3, 2021



Marie Stella Tsetse is the Country Manager of Intake Education Ghana

Intake Education is a leading global educational counseling service that connects students with overseas educational opportunities in English-speaking countries.

It enables a growing network to prepare students through online and offline channels for potential career opportunities in Ghana and overseas markets.

The new brand name “Intake Education” aims to realign the core functions of the organization to improve the standards of students in Ghana and other parts of the world through the innovative knowledge acquisition necessary to position them firmly in realistic and rewarding career markets.

The introduction of “Intake Education” is also expected to promote a more serious identity in the ever-changing overseas education market. Hence, we seek to convey the values ​​of the institution to our valued public audiences, including promoting the training of bright professionals who could make a difference in their respective communities; In doing so, they go a long way towards empowering people to do bigger things and make meaningful changes and progress.

Our renamed identity features a new logo that sheds light on our activities and connects students with colleges for inclusion. His slogan “The Future in You” illustrates the opportunities for students for a better future through education abroad.

Founded in Taiwan in 1993, Intake has built 30 local offices in Africa, Asia and Europe over the past 28 years and has since supported more than 100,000 students studying abroad.

Since then, it has linked that sizable number of students with educational offerings in overseas countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. Intake is expected to penetrate the crowded overseas education market as well, taking our role as the global leader in educational counseling to the next level. Further information can be found at

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