Teamwork is all about sticking together against thick and thin. And that’s what a young Swansea rugby team did after the mother and grandmother of one were diagnosed with cancer.

After hearing about the plight of Kyle Grinter and his family, what started as a group Whatsapp chat between the Bonimaen RFC Under-12 team turned into a massive fundraising effort for the cancer charity, Maggie’s Swansea, and led to the entire squad of 20 players all braving shaving to support their team-mate’s family.

With the grateful help of Trimology Barbers, their efforts left Kyle’s mother with an immense sense of joy and pride, praising their efforts as they become gentlemen. You can get more Swansea news and other story updates by subscribing to our newsletters here.

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Kyle’s grandmother, Debrah, was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in November 2021, and her mother was diagnosed two months later with thyroid cancer.

“Kyle was devastated first to hear about my mum and then mine was a surprise in January and I didn’t have the heart to tell her because I wasn’t sure it would be too much. for him,” Kelly Maynard said. , Kyle’s mother, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. “We finally did it because I went through treatment and he was heartbroken.”

Kyle Maynard, left, alongside Trimology’s Heirish Khalid and teammates Corey Niewiadomski and Jake Demery

Kyle’s teammates have come together to reach out to help in any way they can. And it led to a unanimous fundraising effort for Maggies Swansea, who offers free support to anyone with cancer from her base alongside Singleton Hospital. The team decided to collectively shave their heads to support what the family was going through. Read the story of the woman who found out she had cancer when she was six months pregnant.

“For boys as young as 12 to do this on their own is not something you see too often and they’ve been a fantastic support network not only for Kyle but for us. Even his football team – Penlan under 12 got involved. We were always worried about what this would mean for Kyle and he always found it difficult to tell his friends about it, but when he did they went above and beyond. C “It’s such a unique thing for young boys to do and it’s ended up shocking a few of their parents. They really are amazing young men,” Kelly added. You can read more stories about Swansea here.

The fundraiser has won support from afar, with the likes of Welsh boxing icon Enzo Macarinelli lending his support to the campaign, with his son also playing for Bonymaen.

Additional funds are being raised to help Maggie’s Swansea for the future with a twin peak challenge which you can donate to by clicking here.