DAYTONA BEACH, FL – A new and unique tournament format using advanced technology, allows club and recreational golfers of all skill levels to compete against other golfers nationwide on a live leaderboard, while supporting their organization favorite charity, and possibly win a trip to the national championship, all from the comfort of their favorite golf course or any golf course in the United States.

The Fight For Life Golf Series is part of the Joan L. Kidd, MD, Struggle for the Continuum of Life, an organization providing fundraising programs and producing events to benefit nonprofits that has raised approximately $1 million for various nonprofits and cancer patients since 2016. Inspiration behind the Continuum is Dr. Joan Kidd, a renowned physician who battled ovarian cancer for more than three years before her death in 2015. Her husband, Tom Kidd, created the Continuum in her honor and oversees her activities with a board of directors. The Continuum has also served the needs of approximately 16,000 cancer patients and their families since 2016.

“The Golf Series is a wonderful addition to our efforts for several reasons,” Kidd said. “First, it’s a simple, turnkey way for nonprofits to use golf as an effective fundraising activity. We’ve partnered with many non-profit organizations that let their supporters and donors know they can play golf at their home club, win great prizes, support their mission, and we do the rest. For golfers, it’s a way to support their favorite charity, while enjoying the game they love with their friends and earning points to qualify for the National Championship in October 2022. Second, it provides golfers the opportunity to participate in a competition with certain features similar to the professional tours, with live rankings and point rankings updated after each event, using state-of-the-art technology and if they qualify, experience an event first class in the national championship.

There are two different series of events, with six tournaments each. The fourth Spring Series event, The Players Cup, is currently underway. The results of the first three events of the Spring Series and the points classification are online.

The first Summer Series event kicks off on June 17 and registration is currently open to all players. (men, women, seniors, juniors and adapted golfers) This is how it works.

Competitors play a round of golf on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday of the scheduled tournament week on the course of their choice. The Fight for Life golf series is powered by the Chipd In mobile app, which connects players so they can compete against other golfers nationwide in the same tournament weekend on any golf courses in the United States. A golf handicap will be calculated for each golfer (80% net score) so all skill levels are welcome to compete. Additionally, the app will calculate a course handicap based on the par and slope of each player’s course to create a level playing field.

As each golfer records their scores LIVE during a tournament round, a national leaderboard provides real-time scores so all golfers can follow the action LIVE all weekend long. Each player can send friend requests in the app to local players or even friends in different states. Players will have access to filter the main ranking (friends, seniors, juniors and women). During each event in the series, there are several random prize draws for all golfers on the course.

After each event, each player will earn ranking points based on their finish. Players can follow the season’s points race directly within the app as they attempt to qualify for the National Championship in person at the Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando from October 14-16 and compete for the National Championship title and the overall Fight for Life Cup season.

There is a one-time $150 entry fee for a series, which covers all six tournament series. Entrants will nominate a non-profit organization for which they will play and support, and one-third of that entry fee will go to the charity of their choice. At the end of the season, any net proceeds remaining after deducting direct costs to produce the events are donated to non-profit organizations determined by Continuum and its technology partner Chipd In based on established criteria. An example: the golfer who wins the national championship will present a donation check to the non-profit organization he chose to support when registering.

Once both series are completed, the top 50 players in each series in points standings (and tied) qualify for the national championship at Shingle Creek. Additionally, the top 25 finishers of the Summer Championship, the final event of the Summer Series, automatically qualify for the National Championship, not otherwise exempt in the Top 50 and tied in the points standings. However, the player who qualifies as a result of arriving in the Summer Championship event must have completed play in a minimum of 3 events during the Summer Series, which includes the Summer Championship for the purposes of the minimum 3 event requirement. This qualifying opportunity is for players who register in the middle of the Summer Series for the opportunity to qualify for the National Championship. At the national championship in Orlando, they will compete for prizes such as a 7-day trip to the Mediterranean for two on the yacht Sea Dream for the shootout winner, a trip for the champion and his golf buddy to a destination of premier golf and much more. . There will also be a concert at the House Of Blues, Disney, a Fight for Life concert series event for players, guests, and participating nonprofits, skills competitions, and a long-drive exhibition by two-time long distance world champion Tim Burke. .

Another benefit for golfers is that upon registration they will receive free access to Continuum’s National Merchant Program which offers discounts at tens of thousands of participating merchants across the country for six months, which is will result in significant savings for golfers and their families. More info on

The program of the two Fight For Life Golf Series:

Spring Series:Kapalua: April 1, 2 or 3Chipd In Masters: April 15, 16 or 17Opening of the Foundation: April 29, 30 or May 1Players’ Cup on May 6, 7 or 8Memorial Classic: May 20, 21 or 22Spring Championship: June 3, 4 or 5and

Summer Series:Chipd In Open: June 17, 18 or 19Players Patriot Classic: July 1, 2 or 3Road Hole Challenge: July 15, 16 or 17GPG Championship: June 29, 30 or 31Challenge Cup: August 12, 13 or 14Summer Championship: August 26, 27 or 28and

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