The management company invoiced the Dalton Foundation 22.5% of all income received by the association for its various services. A nonprofit watchdog lawyer Andrew Morton told The News the fees were legal but “grossly out of reach” by industry standards.

Charity Navigator, a nonprofit watchdog group, expects effective nonprofits to spend at least 70 cents of every dollar in charity. In 2018, the Dalton Foundation spent 63 cents of every dollar on donations and charitable events, according to News analysis based on tax returns. In 2019, it was 56 cents.

Jordan Dalton, wife of the quarterback who is now a replacement for the Chicago Bears, told The News that the couple’s foundation has ended their relationship with Prolanthropy and will give all the money directly to hospitals. The association was created to help sick and disabled children and their families.

“Finances, we weren’t very involved,” said Jordan Dalton.

In contrast, a charity created to honor the memory of Bills quarterback’s grandmother Josh Allen scores top watchdog marks in the industry.

More than 27,000 donors gave more than $ 1.15 million to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in 2020 on behalf of Patricia Allen.