Out of ₹18 crore spent by GHMC’s Urban Biodiversity Wing, only 6% recorded in LB Nagar area

Out of ₹18 crore spent by GHMC’s Urban Biodiversity Wing, only 6% recorded in LB Nagar area

The East may be the sought after location in terms of real estate and properties but the eastern side of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) represented by LB Nagar area continues to get a raw deal in terms development and maintenance of greenery. by the civic body.

The expenditure of the Urban Biodiversity wing of the GHMC over the years, presented to the Council during the recent budget session, clearly shows the bias against the area, which had been added to the civic body after the migration of the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad .

In the financial year 2020-21, the UBD wing spent nearly ₹18 crore under various headings including development, maintenance and supply of factories. Of this amount, only 1.06 crore corresponded to the expenses recorded in the LB Nagar area, which represents about 6% of the funds used.

With around ₹52 lakh in development, and around ₹21 lakh for maintenance and ₹33 lakh for supplies, it is also the lowest amount spent by the wing in the six zones, lower than expenditures in the zone Charminar, which received almost ₹3.37 crore during the period.

Utilization of funds was highest in Kukatpally area at around ₹4.14 crore, followed by Serilingampally at ₹4.06 crore. Much higher funds are spent on developing new green areas in these two areas, while the same cannot be said for LB Nagar.

In the previous financial year too, according to figures available up to February, a total of ₹24 crore was spent under the three chiefs, whose expenditure per Kukatpally area is far ahead of the others at almost ₹6 crore. This accounts for a quarter of the total expenditure, followed by ₹4.86 crore spent by Secunderabad. Although maintenance figures are not available for the LB Nagar area, development and procurement expenditure amounted to around ₹26 lakh.

UBD officials, when contacted, attributed this to data not being provided by zonal level officials, rather than an under-allocation of funds. In addition, the area is full of colony parks, the maintenance of which is shared by the colony’s welfare associations, they said.

It’s not a single instance though. Over the years, the expenses have been minimal for the area, for some indecipherable reason. Since 2015-16, around ₹9.14 crore has been spent on the LB Nagar area, out of the total expenditure of ₹83.3 crore by the UBD wing, accounting for around 11%.

Luckily, the area is endowed with a national park and several urban forest parks, which provide enough lung spaces for the region.