That’s how Dave Grohl spends his $ 300 million fortune


Dave Grohl is worth a ton of money, but he spends some of his massive net worth.

Dave Grohl is one of the most famous and talented musicians around. He is also one of the richest. With a net worth of around $ 300 million, Dave is comfortably one of the over-the-top drummers like Ringo Starr and Phil Collins.

But knowing how he made his money is only half of the public interest. Fans also want to know how Grohl did spends his millions. Here’s what Dave likes to spend a lot on.

Buy expensive guitars

Even Grohl’s Wikipedia page indicates that he “plays a large number of guitars”. It is clear that the talented guitarist and drummer must own a lot of instruments in order to continue jamming and producing hits.

Dave’s two favorite guitars also happen to be Gibson ES-335, although they have been modified for his superstar strumming needs. A Gibson can run anywhere from $ 3,000 to over $ 9,000, and it’s likely that Grohl made some changes to his instruments.

Giving money to charity

A portion of Dave Grohl’s fortune was also withdrawn for charity. He has reportedly donated to over 15 charities, including autism support networks, boys and girls clubs, cancer treatment for children, literacy programs, gender equality concerns and more.

Buying a property on the beach

In 2020, sources reported that Dave Grohl bought real estate in Hawaii after taking inspiration from Neil Young’s purchase of a home there. In addition to his previous residence in Encino, California, Grohl also owns a home in Hawaii with beach access.

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He also bought a property in Oxnard, but this house was “pretty small” (although still right on the beach) Grunge. Grohl is clearly rich enough to be able to afford multiple homes, but it’s the place in Hawaii that he and his immediate family, as well as his mother and sister, settled in during the pandemic. The private beach has to be beautiful!

Raising his three children

All right, parents know that children are expensive. But famous Children are even more so. Dave has three children – Violet, Harper and Ophelia – who are 15, 12 and six years old, respectively. And although his own mother was a public school teacher, fans can only assume that the famous Dave is sending his kids to private school.

After all, his oldest went on stage with her father, so she’s probably just as recognizable to the paparazzi. Even without private tuition, Dave has three children whom he will likely send to college with all his money. Fortunately, their education expenses are in no way going to wipe out the good old dad’s fortune.

Expensive car collections

Dave also likes buying expensive cars, but sources say he’s not a huge fan of the Tesla he bought before. He prefers classic cars – but those that are no cheaper than a Tesla – like the Ford Falcon.

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