Team Phenicia & RevUp put together team for Dogecoin competition The Lunar Iditard Micro Moon Competition


“To the moon!” a well-known slogan that resonates in the Dogecoin community is on its way to becoming a real event. Team Phenicia, Inc. and RevUp Render, Inc. have teamed up to launch the next big Dogecoin challenge – the RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod Competition.


Powered by the digital currency Dogecoin, which is similar to Bitcoin, participants compete in a three-way race on the moon and ride mini moon rovers called DogeSleds, which are the size of smartphones.

The RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod will unfold in several stages over the next year and a half. The first phases of the competition will narrow the field of participants to three Dogecoin-themed DogeSled moon rovers. For the final phase of the competition, the three selected DogeSleds will be placed on board a lunar lander and physically carried to the moon on Team Phenicia’s Phenicia-1 mission, scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2015, will take place on the moon after the three DogeSleds have been removed from the Lunar Module got off.

DogeCoin moon

The Dogecoin-themed event is the culmination of Space meets the Cloud – Team Phoenicia’s discovery of an unmet need in the private space industry and an unmet need in the private space industry and RevUp renders bespoke cloud technology for design and engineering that enables teams to collaborate on complex design projects from anywhere. Team Phenicia, manifesting the Phenicia-1 mission, will launch payloads into low-earth orbit and to the moon.

In November 2013, Penn State University’s Google Lunar X PRIZE, the Lunar Lions, was the first payload to reserve a seat on Phenicia-1’s 2015 launch (GLXP) team for several years before retiring to focus on the start. We know the launch itself was just as challenging as the rest of the award. If someone didn’t focus solely on the launch, probably no team would make it to the moon. “

Ry BruscoeRevUp Render President Ry Bruscoe said, “The Iditarod is the perfect way for the Dogecoin community to push the boundaries of digital currency and advanced technology to achieve something that has never been done before – the race with microrovers the moon. Attendees have access to our advanced cloud computing technologies to take their designs to new heights. We can’t wait to see what Lunar Iditarod teams create in the most ambitious challenge for the Dogecoin community yet.

“Team Phenicia is proud to support the RevUp Render Iditarod Challegne. We bring our experience from past challenges, the contacts made through these experiences and of course the start ourselves. The Dogecoin community is well positioned to grow and not just be another cryptocurrency. By crossing the pollination of the Dogecoin, Robotics and NewSpace communities, we are creating the opportunity for these very diverse communities to learn from each other and create something stronger and better than we ever imagined. Not only do we offer to help the Dogecoin community achieve their “To the Moon” goal, but we are also helping to create a market for Dogecoin that will help meet the demand for the cryptocurrency across the board To increase the world. “

Within five months, Dogecoiners funded the Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team, sponsored a NASCAR driver, and rallied for numerous charities. In contrast to these previous sponsorships, the RevIp Render Lunar Iditarod does not rely on crowdfunding. At its core, this event is about expanding awareness and usage of Dogecoin by incorporating Dogecoin marketing and transactions into competitive requirements. The Lunar Iditarod is the ultimate vehicle to bring Dogecoin “To the Moon!”


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