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Traci Hickman, who plays an orphan in the musical “Annie Warbucks” at the Actors Community Theater, has her sister Liesl put on make-up. They were preparing for the dress rehearsal on Wednesday evening. Herald file photo by Tim Myers. Published July 18, 1996.

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July 23, 1956

The Haysville Cubs and Ireland Merchants battled their way through 18 innings yesterday, the equivalent of a pair of regular nine inning games, before the Cubs carried over two runs in the top of the 18th frame to a 3-1 win. It was one of the longest games ever recorded in the history of the Deer Trail League. Richard Mehringer from Ireland and Seaborn Hillis from the Cubs fought a brilliant hill fight in which both pitchers completed the full 18 innings. Mehringer knocked out 14 thugs in the afternoon, while Hillis fanned out 22. Tuffy Anderson drove for Haysville in two runs.

24th July

At a meeting of the Jasper Park Board yesterday evening with representatives from three civic organizations, the first plans for the inauguration program for the new municipal swimming pool were forged on Wednesday evening, August 8th. Bob Siebert and Frank Loepker will represent the park board of directors on the organizing committee, which will also include representatives from the Kiwanis, Jaycees, and Lions clubs. The program coincides with the opening night of the Kiwanis Kiddie Carnival, which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, August 8th and 9th. The board met with Victor Nixon, the pool manager, to discuss details about the operation of the pool. The opening times are the same as at the old pool – daily from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The entrance fees are as follows: children up to and including 14 years 25 cents; 25 to 18 years inclusive, 25 cents; Adults, 40 cents.

July 25th

According to a recent poll by the Indiana State Chamber if Commerce, Dubois County ranked second among Indiana counties for the percentage of registered voters who voted in the May 8 primary. The unofficial poll, compiled from reports from local chambers of commerce, district officials, and newspaper reports, found 7,104 Democratic ballots cast in the district and 881 Republican votes, for a total of 7,985, or 55.6% of registered voters.

July 26th

“Inadequate phone service” was cited today as a reason the Jasper Chamber of Commerce board of directors cleared an official service complaint with the Indiana Public Service Commission. The petition filed with the Executive Secretary of the PSC yesterday called for an investigation into the telephone service in this area. A chamber spokesman said the petition was intended to ask the PSC to investigate the telephone services offered to all subscribers in this area.

July 27th

About 425 people took part in the 16th annual farmer’s picnic on Thursday in the Huntingburg city park. Many of the teenagers and a few adults took advantage of the free poolside swim to cool off and whet their appetite for the season’s big carry-in dinner at lunchtime. The winners of the flower show were Ms. Ed Katterhenry, Ms. Emil Hoffman, Ms. Dennis Uebelhor and Ms. Ruby Thimling. Jean Feldmeyer was crowned cake queen for her first buttercake entry. Odelia Wibbeler won first prize in the Angel Food Cakes category and Mary Rummel had the best dark cake. The cakes were later awarded as prizes to the following couples: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Struckman as the last married couple; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hübner sen. as the longest-married couple (62 years); and Mr. and Mrs. Cloe Hunter in honor of their 16th wedding anniversary.

July 28th

Pictured in this issue is the Jasper Little League All-Star Team. They won the Little League Area Tourney at Recreation Field last night by beating Tell City 11-2. The Jasper Little League All-Stars will travel to Terre Haute this coming Wednesday August 1st to take part in the District Tourney: Team members include: Bill Schuler, Charles Berger, James Klein, Robert Waddell, Michael Beckman, Allen Henke, Dwight Ludwig, Eugene Fleck, Norbert Krapf, Robert Mercer, Michael Stenftenagel, Gerald Rees, Cyril Mehringer, Kenneth Kreilein and Jack McCune.

July 26, 1971

The Dutch, who were 3-1 behind after seven innings, scored one run in the eighth and two more in the bottom of the ninth and scored a 4-3 win over Gentryville in Holland on Sunday afternoon. With the win, the Dutchman became the Lincolnland League champion. Veteran Bob Peach slammed a one-out triple in the bottom third to put Bob Ransome and Dean Harris in the tie and win runs for Holland. Ransome went all the way up the hill because Holland struck eight and went nine. Peach led the Dutch with a triple and a double, Charlie Siebe tripled, and Ransome, Terry Rademacher and Mike Fortune all had doubles.

July 27th

Standard Oil defeated Dubois County Tire 10-3 on Monday night to secure the right to represent Jaspers City League in the upcoming ASA semi-state tournament in Jasper. Standard Oil’s winning team includes: Romie Dudine, Larry Ruckriegel, Don Kress, John Huelsman, Ron Keusch, Ken Leinenbach, Red Keusch, Hugh Ballenger, Bob Waddell, Denny Otto, Ernie Begle, Wayne Phelps, Rich Begle and Denny Rabbit tour. Ron Bellner wasn’t there when the team photo was taken (elsewhere in this issue).

July 28th

The discussion about the planned new high school highlighted the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools on Monday evening. A group of interested citizens asked questions about the proposed construction program. The discussion focused on the economic aspects of the program, many questions were answered and a lot of information was gathered. Rex May, assistant basketball and assistant baseball coach at JHS for the past three years, has been named head baseball coach for the Wildcats, replacing Don Noblitt, who was recently named the new athletic director. Bob Cook, a trainer at Jasper Elementary School, has been appointed May’s assistant.

29th of July

While wars are still going on in other parts of the world, at least one “war” seems to be over. It’s the “gas war” that made Dubois County motorists giggle with glee while gas station owners sweated it out and wondered when it would end. If drivers start filling up their tanks immediately, they will pay around 25% more for fuel than they did earlier this week. The large filling stations in the greater Huntingburg area raised the price of normal gas to 39.9 cents per gallon. The price war, which brought the cost of regular operations at most stations to 0.28.9 cents per gallon, reportedly began April 14 in Huntingburg.

30th July

The Jasper Lions Club is preparing for its eighth annual radio auction. The broadcast dates for the auction are from August 16 to 20 inclusive, with a broadcast time from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The radio auction is broadcast via the remote facilities of WITZ and the auction center is located in the basement of the German American Bank. The auction co-chairs are Bob Rasche and Mike Vogt. The radio auction is the Jasper Lions Club’s premier fundraising project.

July 31

A joint meeting of the board of the lay and clerical alumni association of the St. Meinrad seminar recently took place for the first time in the St. Jude inn in St. Meinrad. During the meeting, the final results of the joint alumni giving program were announced. A total of $ 68,008 was received by all alumni in the 1970-71 campaign, more than doubling the 1969-70 campaign amount, a record high in itself. Alumni gave an average donation of $ 53.53, with 1,271 (29.6%) of the 4,310 registered St. Meinrad alumni participating. Of the 1,271 donors, 677 were priests and 594 lay people. The biggest gift was $ 10,000.

July 22, 1996

The 29th annual 4-H Queen contest was held at the County Fairground in Bretzville on Sunday evening. “We went there last year and we had a lot of fun, so we decided to come back and do it again,” explained Sara Steckler of St. Henry as she and her friend Rachel Dittmer did final makeup checks in the same mirror did. “Nobody goes into the game believing they will win. It’s just for fun, ”said Dittmer, not knowing that she would later be crowned the winner. Kami Schipp was first runner-up, Tina Hurst came second, and Miss Photogenic and Tara Kieffner, third runner-up and Miss Congeniality.

July 23

Jasper City Police responded to 27 prank calls in June, Police Chief Rick Gunselman said at the public works committee meeting this morning. “It’s mostly kids who play on the phone,” Gunselman said. However, it is the department’s policy to send an officer on every call to make sure nothing is wrong, even if the person answering the call says so. “We can’t risk someone being forced to say everything is fine,” he said. “It takes up a lot of the officers’ time.” There were a total of 99 prank calls in the first six months of the year.

24th July

The National Guard, based on Bartley Street in Jasper, will play a role in the Olympics this summer. Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 152nd Infantry, have been providing security since July 7th. Over 60 battalion soldiers are simultaneously stationed around the Olympic Village and serving two weeks prior to departure, said S. Sgt. Randy Bennett, a Jasper soldier who is coordinating the effort. Eight of the soldiers currently deployed are from Jasper’s headquarters, Bennett said.

July 25th

Serious work is in progress at Tenth Street School this week. About 70 teachers and other professionals grade essay questions from the ISTEP-plus exams last spring. Over 400,000 tests had to be assessed nationwide. Jasper is the third and final assessment site, said Mary Tiede, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education. The test was given to the state’s third, sixth, and tenth graders in March. The results will be returned at the beginning of this school year, Tiede said.

July 26th

Appears only one night – Dubois County pigs. Due to precautionary measures taken by the 4-H organizers following the discovery of pseudo rabies in the county earlier this year, animals were only allowed to stay one night at the Dubois County 4-H fairgrounds for the 4-H pig show. Janet Paulin, 10, won the Junior Champion Showmanship. Rachel Becker, 13, won Grand Champion for her crossed quilt and Tyler Knies, 9, won Grand Champion for his crossed barrow.

July 27th

The Jasper Stars won the slowpitch softball tournament in Mooresville under the age of 14 last weekend. They went undefeated by beating Shakamak, two teams from Mooresville, and then Paoli for the championship. Team members include: Rachel Birk, Alana Detzer, Katie Dilger, Amber Jacobs, Casey Kluesner, Brooke Kunz, Ashley Lambert, Nicole Lesko, Audra Mattingly, Leigh Meyer, Lindsay Meyer, Krista Rees, Ashley Seger, Jody Seger, Amber Simmons and Bethany stork. The team is coached by Myron Lambert and Mike Stork.

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