Residents on Tuesday demanded that municipal authorities speed up the work of the UGD and the desilting of the canals before the onset of the monsoon.

They were attending a Society grievance redress meeting chaired by Mayor Indrani Pon Vasanth with Deputy Mayor T. Nagarajan and East Zone Chairman I S. Vasuki here.

A resident of Narayanapuram in Ward 5 for 35 years complained that the open drainage in front of her house was clogged. “As a result, sewage entered my house last week as well as a few other houses. The roads are being laid without milling which creates artificial low areas,” she added.

She said the authorities did not carry out a full desanding but only a surface-level cleaning, which was not the permanent solution.

R. Ravichandran, President of Vivekananda Avenue and VOC Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association, has submitted a petition requesting the inclusion of UGD connections to approximately 40 homes in Ward 4 that have been left out. “If they start building roads, it will be difficult to connect with homes,” he said.

Additionally, they also highlighted the threat of stray dogs in their area over the past year. There has been no action despite complaints being made to company officials and even to the Minister of Trade Tax and Registration, P. Moorthy. “The mayor assured us to act this time,” Mr. Ravichandran said.

The Secretaries of Resident Welfare Associations of Krishna Nagar, Bama Nagar Sasi Nagar and Meenakshi Nagar asked the panel to take action to control the swine menace in their areas.

V. Vijayalakshmi, a resident of Annai Meenakshi Nagar, said recent rains had damaged roads in their area and asked for a temporary solution before the monsoon started. “The mayor has ordered relevant officials to do a site visit tomorrow,” she said and also complained about the lack of streetlights in their neighborhood.

Talk to The Hindu, Ms. Vasuki said the tendering process launched for the streetlights has been completed and work will start from Thursday. “Officials have also been instructed to expedite the work of the UGD,” she added.