A COUPLE’s bid to raise £20,000 for breast cancer charity by taking part in a 100km trek through the Sahara Desert is being backed by a racecourse in the North East.

Redcar manager and race director, Jonjo Sanderson, and his wife, Donna, are taking part in the grueling challenge in November in support of the CoppaFeel! Charity.

It follows mother-of-three Donna has been successfully treated after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

In support of Jonjo and Donna, the first race of Redcar’s Zetland Gold Cup Family Day meeting on June 2 will be called the Coppafeel 100km Sahara Desert Trek Claiming Stakes. There will also be an exit collection for the charity after the race.

The main objective of CoppaFeel is to increase the chances of survival by raising awareness of the risks posed by breast cancer in younger men and women, as well as encouraging everyone to check their bodies.

Donna, director of Littlefairs Property Company, said: ‘As a busy mother of three, I’ve barely had time to brush my teeth in peace, let alone add the task of regularly checking my boobs to my to-do list! I never really thought about breast cancer because I’m relatively young, fit and healthy, but as I found out, none of that really matters.

“In May last year, our lives were turned upside down when I was told I had grade 3 invasive lobular breast cancer and the tumor was too large to remove without a full mastectomy.

“At this stage, it was unclear if further treatment, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, was needed until the end of the operation to remove and check my lymph nodes. Luckily, that was not the case, and the operation had done the trick.

“Since then I have spoken to five other women, all in their 40s with young families, who are going through their own breast cancer journeys. The lack of control and helplessness are overwhelming, but this year I am determined to regain control.

Jonjo and Donna will set off to complete their desert trek in November, knowing it will be both mentally and physically exhausting, but determined to help raise much-needed funds to activate CoppaFeel! to educate young people and ultimately save lives.

Donna, along with her family and friends, will be at Redcar on June 2, selling raffle tickets for a host of great prizes, such as a Park Leisure Holiday for four, a race day and lunch at Chester Races on July 16, and a galloping morning at Michael & David Easterby.

A complete list of all prizes, together with information on the date of the draw, will be available in front of the Redcar winner’s enclosure.

To sponsor Donna and Jonjo on the CoppaTrek! Please visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/donna-jonjo-sanderson