Thanks to Lovato’s Mitch Hornecker and Laura Golino for their op-ed (“A shared goal, a shared responsibility in driving to ‘functional zero’ on homelessness,” June 26) After years of delay, it’s encouraging to see that momentum is building among Metro and city politicians, public agencies and non-profit organizations for comprehensive action to address Portland’s homeless population.

Built for zero offers the promise of coming together to collectively solve problems, including input from people on the street. It relies on accurate and frequent updates on homeless people’s needs, with data-driven decisions. I encourage leaders to expand the reach of the project into a grassroots community effort, enlisting several hundred trained volunteers to collect confidential real-time data on the needs of homeless people.

We Portlanders were proud of our city, at least before tents, riots and crime ravaged our community. We will be proud again if we clean up the inhuman mess that afflicts many residents of our city. Let’s move forward together, forming a cadre of trained citizen volunteers to implement this vision of a revitalized Portland.

The aim is that all inhabitants of the metropolitan area have the possibility of accessing permanent housing, including coordinated support services. The people of Portland are ready to help make that vision a reality.

Andy HarrisPortland