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Zap! Shazam! Boom! Kapow!

In her inspirational writing and presentations, Sartell’s Kelly Radi often uses these cartoonish exclamations when channeling “Wonder Woman” on television.

Radi is an international motivational speaker and published author who has won gold not once but twice. His last two books have each won gold medals in the “Inspirational Works” category of the Midwest Independent Publishers’ Association.

His latest is titled “Wonder-Full: Activate Your Inner Superpowers (No Cloak Required)”. As the title suggests, the book is packed with words of wisdom served up with plenty of humor, as well as words and images from the “Wonder Woman” TV series. As a child, Radi enjoyed this spectacle, admiring the dashing bravery of its star, Lynda Carter.

Radi recently shared his insights and life events in an interview with Sartell Newsleader.

Radi firmly believes that inside every woman is a Wonder Woman waiting to be set free, that inside every man there is also a superhero.

In the intro to his book it says:

“You may not have a golden lasso or magic bracelets. You cannot wear a cape. But don’t get me wrong, you have great power inside. Like a super hero, you are strong. You are smart. You are capable. You have the power to lead. To teach. To frame. To like. To conquer fears and overcome challenges. To succeed in your personal and professional life.

Radi shares this life-affirming message at corporate conferences, professional associations, civic and community clubs, hospices, and women’s groups.

Here are excerpts from Radi’s book:

Zap! Eliminate self-sabotaging attitudes and self-imposed limitations. Replace them with positive self-talk rooted in a sense of mission and purpose.

Shazam! Minimize burnout and maximize personal productivity through self-awareness, work-life harmony, and personal accountability.

Boom! Celebrate and nurture the collective power of the people in your organization through team building exercises and healthy communication techniques.

Kapow! Push beyond your comfort zone to identify your own unique superpowers and use them with positive intention in your personal and professional life.

Born in Mountain Lake, Radi, like a sponge, soaked up the wisdom and kindness of a circle of women in her “little village”. When she left this village for the “modern world” (the college town of Grand Forks), all the support at home was a constant inspiration.

“Early on my journey into adulthood, these women instilled confidence and values ​​in me,” she wrote. “They sent cookies and funny Hallmark cards.”

Radi received a degree in public relations and aviation services from the University of North Dakota. She then landed a job as an aircraft dispatcher for Northwest Airlink in Memphis, Tennessee.

The love and encouragement of people and friends back home followed her to Memphis and then beyond when she moved to Sartell 27 years ago. She and her husband, Marty, have two grown daughters. For 16 years, Radi was a stay-at-home mom and later became a spokesperson for CentraCare Health System’s Blend Family Wellness Initiative.

Radi is a member of the National Speakers’ Association and won that organization’s “Minnesota Academy Award” in 2018.

Radi has learned to use her diverse experiences to teach and inspire others through public speaking and writing, helping people find their own inner powers. The foundation of these strengths stems directly from the strong and supportive women of the village of her childhood.

“These women are always my lifeline,” she wrote. “Together we’ve been through potty training and puberty, promotions and retirements, breast cancer and hot flashes, wrinkles and hair dye, regrets and pleasure, graduations and college, the deaths of parents and the birth of grandchildren, divorces and marriages, heartbreaks and romance.We know when to call an impromptu happy hour and who needs it most.

To achieve success and happiness, to unleash your inner power, Radi suggests people take a close look at their friends, then ask themselves the following questions:

Do you elevate each other? Do you push each other to be better? Or do you compare and judge each other? Do your values ​​align? How exactly do you support each other?

“You (might) need to prune your relationship tree,” Radi concluded. “You just can’t function at your full potential by spending time with people who aren’t supportive of you.”

Good friends, she said, help us “become better versions of ourselves.”

Radi’s first book is called “Out to Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage”. In this book, Radi shares strategies, with humor and insights drawn from research and personal experiences, on “The Launch” – when it comes to sending kids to college.

Her two books can be purchased at the following locations: Evelie Blu Boutique, St. Cloud; Weathered Revivals, St. Joseph; Copper Pony, Sauk Rapids; Barnes & Noble, Saint Cloud; and through

To learn more about Radi, his books and his oral presentations, visit his website at

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Kelly Radi of Sartell is a popular motivational speaker and the author of two award-winning books.
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Kelly Radi’s book, “Wonder-Full,” combines strategies for success in life intertwined with tons of laugh-out-loud humor.