MANILA, Philippines – The local government of Quezon City has established a people’s council to push for participatory governance in the city and serve as the city’s lobby group on behalf of its members and networks, he said Thursday.

The Quezon City People’s Council, which serves as an “umbrella arm” for 2,232 city hall-accredited civil society organizations, will work with local government “to ensure that every program or policy effectively meets the needs of residents.”

“The People’s Council will serve as the eyes, ears and voice of the citizens of our municipal government. Their skills will go a long way in developing appropriate and appropriate programs for residents,” Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said in Filipino during the swearing-in of Quezon City People’s Council Acting Executive Committee members.

Belmonte also signed the Rules and Regulations implementing the Municipal Ordinance on Participation, Accountability and Transparency, strengthening and institutionalizing the partnership system between local government and its constituents.

Under the IRR of the ordinance, the PCQC can sit on the City’s specialized local bodies (working group, commissions, etc.) through its elected representative whose expertise is related to the sector targeted by the authorities. They will participate in all the deliberations of the committee, in the conceptualization and evaluation of the projects.

“When there is a people’s council, all processes from planning to budgeting to program implementation will be scrutinized more,” Belmonte said.

“Real clean and honest government is when people are involved in government. Now that there is a PCQC that can cooperate with the city government, citizens can hope that every peso and penny from their tax dollars will go to meaningful programs that will help raise the standard of living for every resident.”

How it works?

PCQC members include representatives from business, professional, women, homeowners associations, people with disabilities, urban poor, single parents, LGBTQIA, cooperatives, charitable/socio-civic organizations, social justice/peace and order, health and sanitation, academia. /Education, Youth, Labour/Workers, Transport, Elderly, Socio-cultural, Environmental/Urban Protection/Solid Waste, Livelihoods/Vendors, Religious.

The city said it also plans to add Muslims or Bangsamoro, sports and media to the sectors represented.

It will also carry out research and have a database on sectoral concerns and document community initiatives in development. The results of their research will be taken into account in the identification and development of city programs and projects.

Disclosure: Joy, Mayor of Quezon City Belmont is a shareholder of Philstar Global Corp., which operates a digital media