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BENGALURU: After giving nearly 35 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccine since January, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike said Monday it aims to vaccinate 30 lakh people in the next month and private hospitals are said to share two-thirds of the burden.
BBMP chief commissioner Gaurav Gupta said efforts will be intensified in the coming days and will focus on people over 60 and those who have not been vaccinated. He said there were no problems with vaccine supplies and private gamblers had teamed up with the citizen authority. In the past week, the private hospitals shared 70% of the vaccine load.
“If we see the trend over the past week, we’ve been giving nearly a lakh of vaccines every day. The involvement of private hospitals and other donors has increased the numbers. There is an adequate supply of vaccines and we aim to give 30 more Lakh vaccines in the next 30 days, ”he said.
The implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination in Bengaluru appears one-sided in view of the burden that private hospitals carry.
“Will vaccinate a maximum of people before the 3rd wave”
The centre’s policy stipulated that vaccine manufacturers must sell 50% of their production to the Union government, 25% each to states and private parties.
Over the past week, private hospitals have overtaken the government on the vaccination campaign, providing 70% of the administered doses. According to BBMP data, 1.6 lakh vaccines were provided by BBMP over the past week, while private hospitals have given 4.1 lakh vaccines. When asked about the numerical gap between public and private hospitals, Gupta said, “Our ultimate goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible before the third wave of vaccinations. Whatever the government has received has been carefully shared and BBMP has its share. Private players who ordered the stitches vaccinated more people in the city of Bengaluru than anywhere else. There are many philanthropists who buy vaccines for the disadvantaged. The state government would have to distribute its supplies fairly to all places in the state at its level, while a city like Bengaluru would receive more private supplies due to the solvency of the people. ”
“We’re working on a sensible mix of government vaccine supplies and private supplies. Given the current trend, we are optimistic that the city will have 30 lakh cans of which we estimate 8-10 lakh will come from government supplies, ”said Gupta.
According to him, government agencies, institutions and local charities work with private hospitals to run vaccination campaigns for their communities, and some donors do this for people in slums, clothing workers and disorganized workers.
Gupta said, “The government has identified 26 lakh people over 45 and 15.4 lakh who have been vaccinated at least one dose to date. Almost 60% are vaccinated and our goal is to reach 75% in the next 30 days. We need 4 lakh additional doses and we will get them from the central government. ”BBMP said they identified 64 lakh in the 18-44 age group and only 9 lakh (or 13%) were vaccinated.
In the third wave, he said that large hospitals have built oxygen systems and set up childcare centers.

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