According to data released by the Mumbai Traffic Police, a total of 23,547 auto rickshaws and taxis were fined in October for refusing to carry passengers for short distance trips.

Of the total, 15,395 autorickshaws were fined INR 50 each and 8,152 taxis fined INR 200 each.

While this year, from January to June, 13,340 auto-rickshaws and taxis were fined, in September itself, 12,432 auto-rickshaws and taxis were fined.

On October 17, the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) issued a statement saying it would now take action against rickshaw and taxi drivers who refuse fares, under Section 178 (3 ) of 1998 of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA).

The development came after city cops received several complaints that the nearest rent was repeatedly denied.

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Billboards and notice boards have also been placed outside train stations and bus stops to raise public awareness. The MTP has also contacted the taxi and rickshaw unions to inform them of the order.

In addition, all police inspectors in charge have been instructed to contact their transport department’s rickshaw and taxi driver associations and arrange a meeting, so that rickshaw and taxi drivers are knowledgeable about treating passengers with courtesy and not refusing fares.

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