Posted on September 13, 2022

Alan May, Alexa Landestoy, John Walton, Braden Holtby, Peter Bondra, Karl Alzner, Joe Beninati, Brent Johnson, NASCAR’s Ryan Ellis, Courtney Laughlin, Ken Sabourin, Chris Miller, Rod Langway, Craig Laughlin, Bob McDonald, Linda Laughlin, Wes Johnson and Caleb Green.

The Laughlin Family Foundation, which raises money to fight rare cancers, held its second annual celebrity golf tournament on Monday. Among the attendees was the one and only Craig Laughlin, his colleagues at NBC Sports Washington Joe Beninati, Alan May, Chris Miller and Alexa Landestoy, Caps radio presenter John Walton, and lots of old Caps. Pat Sajak came too!

The one-day event at Crofton Country Club featured lots of laughs, drinks, a marshmallow-driving contest and bogies, but most importantly added a whole lot more money – the total to be determined – to the hundreds of thousands that the foundation has already raised.

The Laughlin Family Foundation was established in 2018 after Laughlin’s wife, Linda, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In recent years they have raised funds with the Laughlin brand beerswine, vodka and whiskey.

See also photos from last year!

Alexa Landestoy interviews Braden Holtby.

Brent Johnson and Karl Alzner.

Karl Alzner and Braden Holtby.

Caleb Green, Bob McDonald and Braden Holtby.

Kiss before the group photo.


Linda and Craig Laughlin.

John Walton.

NBC Washington’s Chris Miller punches John Walton.

Brent Johnson walks weird and everyone laughs at him.

Caleb Green and Bob McDonald sing the national anthem.

Ryan Ellis and Wes Johnson announce the start of the event.

Joe Beninati’s group makes a putt.

The defending champions have fun before winning again.

Peter Bondra and his band.

Ken Sabourin and his band.

Braden Holtby and his band.

Karl Alzner and his group.

Alan May and his band.

Rod Langway shoots.

Ryan Ellis has to drive the golf cart.

Craig Laughlin and his band.

John Walton and his band.

John Walton shoots.

Karl Alzner and Braden Holtby.

Courtney and Craig Laughlin.

A winner!

Ryan Ellis won the marshmallow driving contest.

The winner of the golf bag auction!

The winners celebrate.

The winners!

Presentation of the Cup.

Laughlin was horrified to re-award the Cup to his neighbor, who won for the second consecutive year.

Autographed Gretzky, Howe and Ovechkin jerseys up for auction.

The winner of the Holtby Photo Auction!

At auction!

Racing helmet autographed by Ellis’s Caps.

Wes Johnson and Ryan Ellis.

Braden Holtby signs a leg.

Signed by Braden Holtby.

Joe Beninati is auctioning off an autographed photo.

Alan May threatens the crowd.

Alan May signs the wrong leg.

For the second consecutive year, the winners!

Charlie the t-shirt guy!

Pat Sajak!