UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — The Penn State Center for Energy Law and Policy (CELP) and the Hamer Center for Community Design at the College of Arts and Architecture’s Stuckeman School are partnering to host a one-hour webinar at 10:30 a.m. on May 1 December to address the significant challenges that low-income people in Pennsylvania face in accessing energy efficiency programs.

Titled “Coordinating and Improving Access to Energy Efficiency Programs for Low-Income People,” the virtual workshop will explore the coordination of various energy efficiency and home retrofit programs offered by government and non-profit organizations. state nonprofit, and how to stimulate low-income energy efficiency programs. individuals’ access to these programs.

“Weatherproofing and energy efficiency programs for affordable housing have proven economic, environmental and health benefits, but adoption challenges hinder that potential,” said Lisa Iulo, director of the Hamer Center for Community Design. , associate professor of architecture and moderator of the event. . “The research undertaken by CELP, the Hamer Center and our collaborators has the potential to offer practical and policy solutions.”

The webinar is an extension of a roundtable that was convened by CELP in May, which brought together space experts in energy efficiency in Pennsylvania.

According to Hannah Wiseman, co-director of CELP, the December 1 workshop is “an effort to identify early findings from the May workshop and our own research, and to help us further develop relevant research questions that shape our research and that of others”. .”

Webinar speakers include Elizabeth Marx, executive director of the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project; Mark Matz, building document examiner at the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency; Selena E. Ortiz, assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Administration at Penn State; Wade Romberger, personnel engineer/energy coordinator at the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency; and Wiseman, who is a professor of law, a Wilson professor/faculty member in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and a co-funded faculty member of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment at Penn State.

Webinar registration is required via Zoom.