Nearly 40 men and women from Washington, Greene and Fayette counties volunteer their time to Domestic Violence Services Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the nonprofit hopes to add more to its list of certified volunteers.

The DVSSP is hosting the first of a 10-part volunteer training series on April 25, 6-9 p.m., on Zoom.

Interested persons can register by contacting Training Specialist Kelley McGuier by email at [email protected] or by phone at 724-223-5477, ext. 19.

The course, which begins April 25, is part of DVSSP’s Justice, Autonomy, Restoration and Security training for domestic violence responders. Individuals interested in working directly with DVSSP clients are required by the state to complete 45 hours of JARS training.

Those who receive JARS certification can work directly with victims of domestic violence.

“Volunteers are absolutely essential to the work we do to help victims of domestic violence and their children,” said Leslie Orbin, Communications Specialist at DVSSP. “Without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the quality or quantity of services that we offer.”

Life is busy and Orbin understands that not everyone can commit to JARS training or direct customer service. She said the DVSSP offers volunteer opportunities for anyone who can help in any capacity.

“We would certainly welcome anyone to help us. They can help us with anything. If someone has a talent or expertise in an area, we can make use of it,” she said, noting that some volunteers show up to answer the helpline, while others sort through the mail or re-read the DVSSP newsletter.

“There’s really no way to quantify the help they’re doing,” Orbin said. “It’s an enriching experience.”