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The government has yet to set out plans for schools if heating becomes unaffordable.

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Parents have demanded that schools remain open despite the looming energy crisis, telling ministers they will no longer accept distance learning for their children after two years of education being interrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools face huge energy cost hikes ahead of winter and some have warned they may have to close in the colder months.

But the Dajme Deťom Hlas (Let’s give a voice to the children) initiative, as well as the civic associations Rodič and IPčko, said schools should remain open to pupils.

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While still Minister of Education, Branislav Gröhling of SaS and the Union of Cities of Slovakia (ÚMS) asked the Ministry of Finance to increase funding for schools to cover higher energy costs. But the finance ministry said the issue would be part of a complex package of measures for all sectors of society.

“This package must provide clear guarantees that schools will not be closed and will switch to distance learning,” said Andrea Settey Hajdúchová from Dajme deťom hlas.

Gröhling has since resigned as Minister of Education and Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) was appointed Acting Minister of Education on September 13 until the ruling coalition finds a replacement.

Distance education weighs heavily on families

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