The Northern Kentucky University School of the Arts opened “Scenes from Nowhere,” an exhibit that runs through August 26, with a closing reception on Thursday, August 25 from 5-7 p.m., free and open to the public.

Kyle Angel

It can be seen in the NKU SOTA Community Showcase Atrium, Main Gallery, Third Floor Gallery.

“Scenes from Nowhere” is a three-part exhibition that challenges the traditions of pictorial representation (landscapes/still life images) and reimagines these familiar motifs through a 21st century lens. Three gallery spaces will give different interpretations on the collective theme of pictorial representation to spark and expand conversations between galleries.

About the artists:

Kyle Angel is an interdisciplinary artist working in drag, performance and fashion to question what it means to be queer. In this video performance, Angel transforms into Crystal Tubes (she/her/they/them) – a playful and quirky character who uses ASMR as a vehicle to engage in conversations around homosexuality. The Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a bodily sensation (similar to tingling) triggered by specific types of sounds. Lose yourself to the sound of saliva and seductive whispers as Crystal Tubes guides you through this multi-sensory experience.

Joe Hedges

Joe Hedges is an intermedia artist with a broad practice who weaves together oil painting, new media and installation. Hedges is the recipient of several grants and has exhibited nationally and internationally. His recent exhibitions include solo shows at Bolivar Gallery (University of Kentucky), Chase Gallery (Spokane, WA), and Artworks (Loveland, CO). Shortly before the advent of the internet, Hedges grew up climbing trees and drawing in rural Southwest Ohio. After writing songs and touring with a rock band, he attended Northern Kentucky University to study oil painting. During his graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati, he focused on electronic media and internet art. He currently lives in Pullman, WA where he uses his diverse artistic background to create original combinatorial works. In addition to maintaining his studio practice, Hedges coordinates the painting field at Washington State University and organizes community-based public art projects with the Pullman Arts Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization that he founded with his partner Jiemei Lin.

MIR Collaboration (Mercury In Reggaeton) is the collaboration of Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong and Senja Toivonen. Founded in 2019 while in school, the duo work in mediums ranging from rhinestones to writing. SCK and ST firmly believe that less is boring and artistically you have to speak loud or not speak at all. Currently, they create works that examine intimate emotions such as the melancholy of young adults, the imaginary spaces between the real and the fantastic, and the misfortunes of the Midwest. Currently, SCK and ST are collaborating remotely from Cincinnati, OH and Los Angeles, CA.

Marc Albain

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong is an American artist and researcher interested in the narrative possibilities of language, vernacular culture, and musical histories. A Peruvian-American born and raised in the Midwest; his perspectives on language, culture, and the complexities embedded between them inform much of his work. Her research-based practice currently revolves around socio-musical memory, utopia, and identity through a first-generation American lens. As an artist and educator, she aims to offer new insights into how we construct cultures, ultimately working to portray a more poetic, inclusive and reconciling global future. Her work enters the in-between spaces of identity: sometimes confusing, sometimes contradictory, but ultimately celebrating liminal spaces in cultural and personal narratives. Through portraits, writings, photographs and performances, she aims to offer new ideas about how we construct cultures; and what it means to poetize the complexities of diaspora and identity.

Marc Albain is an artist, educator, and custom framer living and working in Cincinnati. Her experience with the medium of photography lends itself to a sensitive presentation of passage and an interest in the language of connection and distance in photographic space. Along with partner Jessica Whittington, they operate a bespoke framing and design studio called Objectif Alchemy with a mission to create intentional collaborations with artists, collectors and institutions for curatorial and framing solutions.

NKU Art Galleries are located on the third floor of the NKU Fine Arts Center.

Parking is available for a fee in the visitor center garage. Free parking is available on the evening of the reception in Lots I and D. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The main gallery is closed on major holidays and weekends. Free entry.

MIR Collaboration

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong