Newsom criticizes recall candidate Larry Elder to volunteers


Governor Gavin Newsom attacked the Republican who led the field who tried to replace him in the September recall election, calling conservative talk show host Larry Elder a climate change denier who would restrict abortion rights and end the minimum wage when elected.

Newsom’s broadside against his opponent comes just a week after a poll showed likely California voters are almost evenly divided over the governor’s dismissal in the September 14 recall election, showing Elder leading the pack of candidates in the running .

For months, Newsom has criticized the recall as the work of far-right supporters of former President Trump and a Republican party seeking to undermine his 2018 election, and shy away from personal attacks on candidates hoping to take his place in Sacramento.

But at a press conference on Friday in San Bernardino about the school reopening and during a Zoom call with campaign volunteers the night before, Newsom went to Elder, albeit not by name, and only referred to him as the front runner among the replacement candidates.

The governor called Elder a big Trump supporter – a rally in a state that was overwhelmingly won by President Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Newsom also accused Elder of being a threat to abortion rights established as part of the landmark US Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, and said he was a vocal advocate of hydraulic fracturing, the controversial oil extraction method Newsom supports the abolition of these.

“The top candidate thinks climate change is a joke, believes we need more offshore oil drilling, more fracking, doesn’t believe a woman has the right to vote” [and] actually against Roe v. Wade came out, doesn’t believe in a minimum wage, ”Newsom said on Thursday evening.

On Friday, Newsom again tried its best to subjugate Elder with Trump by saying the Republican was from former. been advocated Trump adviser Rudy Guiliani and signs the former president’s unsubstantiated claim that the election was stolen.

Elder has shaken the recall since entering the field, both in polls and in the excitement of GOP donors. The self-described “Sages of South Central” said conservatives like his fellow radio host Dennis Prager persuaded him to run because of his attitude to the challenges California faces and the built-in support base of Elder’s longtime radio audience.

An Elder campaign spokeswoman accused Newsom of “whipping” the Republican candidate for realizing his political career was at stake.

“Gavin Newsom runs away scared. He cannot defend his terrible record on crime, homelessness, rising cost of living, water scarcity, uncontrollable forest fires and tyrannical COVID lockdowns, ”spokeswoman Ying Ma said in an email. “Larry believes in freedom, personal responsibility, private enterprise, and the resourcefulness of the California people, not Newsom’s repressive edicts or the nepotism of his allies.”

Elder has raised more than $ 1.2 million since he entered the race in mid-July, putting other top GoP contestants like reality TV star and retired Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, former Northern California MP Doug Ose, and the MP Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) in the shadows. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faluconer, another Republican, defeated Elder by raising $ 3.4 million in his campaign accounts, but did so over several months.

On Thursday, Newsom criticized Elder for recent comments in the Sacramento Bee and San Jose Mercury News, in which he said the ideal minimum wage in California would be $ 0.00.

“I’m not making that up – Zero. I mean, he doesn’t even discuss the pros or cons of $ 15 [an hour]“Said Newsom supporters.

Newsom also warned that any Republican who took his seat would have the power to reshape the state judicial system if recalled and would have political allies like Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

Californians who vote in the September 14 election will receive a ballot with two questions: Should Newsom be removed from office and which substitute candidate, if dismissed, should take his place.

If Newsom is removed, the candidate on the ballot who receives the most votes wins, regardless of how many votes he or she receives. The overcrowded field of candidates is expected to fragment the electorate, meaning a Republican who receives only a small fraction of the vote could become California’s 41st governor. No Republican has won a nationwide election in the state since 2006.

A recent poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, co-funded by the Los Angeles Times, found that Californians who say they expect to vote in the recall election are almost evenly split on whether or not to take Newsom out of office should remove. Although the number of Democratic voters far outnumber Republicans in California, the GOP’s excitement over the recall promises to increase the potency of the September anti-Newsom vote, according to Mark DiCamillo, director of the poll.

That’s what Newsom said on Thursday’s Zoom call to volunteers.

“Ultimately, it’s all about voter turnout,” Newsom said. “They could appear in record numbers. But there are more of us, more of us who believe like us – including many Republicans who simply reject Trump and Trumpism. “

Newsom urged volunteers not to underestimate the harm a Republican governor could do in California, saying he did not want the state to follow a policy similar to that of Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis.

“They would undo any advances this state has made,” Newsom said. “We had better health outcomes than Florida and Texas, and better economic outcomes than Florida and Texas. They are going to take us off a COVID cliff. It’s on the ballot from September 14th. “

DeSantis’ national profile has risen in large part due to its support for Trump and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which defied restrictions to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Florida governor has banned masking requirements in schools, a ban that remains in place despite a surge in cases caused by the highly contagious Delta variant.

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