Leaders, Believers, Achievers Foundation, Empowering Youths of Iowa, Tanager Place and Neighborhood Finance Corporation each have space in the new location

The newly opened Collins Community Credit Union houses several nonprofit businesses inside the building, including the Neighborhood Finance Corporation on First Avenue NE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Monday, June 6, 2022. (Savannah Blake/The Gazette )

The newly opened Collins Community Credit Union houses four nonprofit organizations in its brand new building and launches the Hub, a youth educational program for middle school students.

Located directly across from its original location, the four nonprofits that will be housed are Leaders, Believers, Achievers Foundation, Empowering Youths of Iowa, Tanager Place, and Neighborhood Finance Corporation.

While the Neighborhood Finance Corporation offers programs to facilitate neighborhood revitalization, the other three programs focus on youth programs.

The Tanager Place helps children with mental health needs and their parents, the LBA Foundation focuses on inspiring hope in tomorrow’s leaders, believers, and achievers, and Empowering Youths of Iowa encourages and helps students at risk of dropping out of school.

Lindsey Dozier, vice president of retail for Collins Community Credit Union, said these partnerships stemmed from a desire to better serve the community with the new location.

After researching and building relationships with community partners over the past eight months, Credit Union gave birth to the Hub concept.

Hub caters to middle schoolers and will structure extracurricular activities to provide leadership growth, homework help, and financial wellness education.

The Hub is free for students who enroll in the program and sessions will begin this summer.

Alphonce O’Bannon, executive director of the LBA Foundation, said the foundation joined as one of the Hub’s partners because the program had similar goals to their organization.

“Some of those goals include providing a safe environment for [kids] where to go in their neighborhood and build their hopes for what they want to do with their lives,” O’Bannon said.

From the inception of this program and working with these various nonprofits, Dozier said the idea of ​​bringing community partners into the Credit Union space emerged.

“We understand that there are barriers and preconceived ideas about financial institutions, and we wanted to show the neighborhood that we come together as an arm’s length tie and can be trusted, because that’s our first step. just to show the community that we will be a partner in their financial journey and not just focus on their finances,” Dozier said.

Dozier said the rental agreement depends on the community partner and the use of the space. Neighborhood Finance Corporation and Tanager Place are using the space for free, and the LBA Foundation and Empowering Youth of Iowa are still working on a signed agreement, she said.

Dozier hopes the Hub program and partnering with nonprofits will provide a holistic approach when engaging with their consumers.

“We’ll still do transactions, we’ll still do loans, but what we wanted to do was say, you know, how to show someone where to start or how to start over, or celebrate the growth that they’ve had. Dozier said.