Bill Wright

Below is an incomplete list of organizations and individuals registered as opposing the Prince William digital gateway. I say incomplete because there is thousands of individual citizens who could be added to this list. (I invite them to write to you and their other elected officials and the media to share their own thoughts.)

That’s a lot of collective wisdom. Hope the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, QTS and Compass will reconsider their attempts to ruin our community before November 1st vote.

  • Amberleigh Station HOA
  • American Battlefield Trust
  • Audubon Naturalist Society
  • Audubon Society of Northern Virginia
  • Belmont Bay HOA
  • Catharpin Valley Estates Owners Association
  • Chesapeake Conservatory
  • Chesapeake Legal Alliance
  • HOA West Chimney
  • Citizens for Fort Monroe National Park
  • Fredericksburg Civil War Roundtable
  • Coalition for Smarter Growth
  • Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks
  • Coalition to Protect Prince William County
  • Coalition to Save the Historic Artery
  • Hung Cao, candidate for Congress
  • Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton
  • Crossman Creek HOA
  • Delegate Dan Helmer
  • Delegate Danica Roem
  • Dominion Valley Homeowners Association
  • Fairfax County Department of Planning and Development
  • Federation of Fairfax County Citizens Associations
  • Fairfax County Water Authority
  • Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions
  • Friends of Dyke Marsh
  • Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River
  • Gainesville Supervisor (former) John Stirrup
  • Gates HOA Mill
  • Large Oak HOA
  • Heritage Hunt Owners Association
  • Prince William County HOA Roundtable
  • Independent Owners Alliance
  • Inside NOVA’s editorial staff
  • Inside NOVA Opinion Columnist Al Alborn
  • Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area
  • Ken Burns, award-winning filmmaker and historian
  • Lake Manassas Owners Association
  • Lake Ridge–Occoquan – Coles Civic Association
  • Landview Estates Civic Association
  • Lawnvale Estates Owners Association
  • Lewinsville Faith in Action
  • Manassas Battlefield Trust
  • Manassas National Battlefield Park
  • Meadows at Morris Farm Community Association
  • Prince William’s Middle County Civic Association
  • Montclair Owners Association
  • Council of Citizens Associations of Mount Vernon
  • National Parks Conversation Association
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Oak Valley Homeowners Association
  • Environmental Council of Piedmont
  • Piedmont Owners Association
  • Guardians of the Potomac
  • Conservation Virginia
  • Prince William Conservation Alliance
  • Prince William County Historical Commission
  • Prince William County Watershed Management Branch
  • Prince William Wildflower Society
  • Richmond Civil War Roundtable
  • Riverbend HOA Domains
  • Saratoga Hunt Owners Association
  • Picturesque Virginia
  • Shelter Lakes Homeowners Association
  • Sierra Club
  • Silverleaf Estates HOA
  • Son of Union Veterans
  • Fairfax County South County Federation
  • Southeast Rural Community Support Project
  • Southern Environmental Law Center
  • Candidate for the State Senate (30e neighborhood) Ian Lovejoy
  • Departmental Council of Citizen Associations of Sully
  • Thunder Oak Homeowners Association
  • Fredericksburg tree
  • Virginia Conservation Network
  • Virginia Department of Forestry
  • Virginia Conservation Voters League
  • Virginia Native Plant Society
  • Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Association
  • Virginia Run Owners Association
  • Chesapeake Water Guardians
  • Western Fairfax County Citizens Association
  • Wetland monitoring
  • wild deer
  • Woodbridge – Civic Association of Potomac Communities
  • The thousands who signed the petition to recall Supervisor Pete Candland
  • The thousands who signed the petition to remove President Ann Wheeler

This is an opinion piece by the author.

Bristow Beat opposes the Prince William Digital Gateway in its current form as recommended by the Prince William Planning Commission. Changes to the Offset Plan Amendment would eliminate the proposed natural buffers and increase the visibility of the Manassas Battlefield National Park data centers. In addition, the approval process lacked transparency.

digital gateway,

Prince William Digital Gateway,




departmental supervisory board,

Anne Wheeler,

Catharpine Road,

Pete Canland,

Amberleigh Station HOA,

American Battlefield Trust,

Audubon Naturalist Society,

Audubon Society of Northern Virginia,

Belmont Bay HOA,

Catharpin Valley Estates Owners Association,

Chesapeake Conservatory,

Chesapeake Legal Alliance,

HOA West Chimney,

Citizens for Fort Monroe National Park,

Fredericksburg Civil War Roundtable,

Coalition for Smarter Growth,

Coalition for the Protection of US National Parks,

Coalition to Protect Prince William County,

Coalition to Save the Historic Artery,

Hung Cao, candidate for Congress,

MP Jennifer Wexton,

Crossman Creek HOA,

Delegate Dan Helmer,

Delegate Danica Roem,

Dominion Valley Homeowners Association,

Fairfax County Department of Planning and Development,

Federation of Citizens Associations of Fairfax County,

Fairfax County Water Authority,

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions,

Friends of Dyke Marsh,

Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River,

Gainesville Supervisor (former) John Stirrup,

Gates HOA Mill,

Large Oak HOA,

Heritage Hunt Owners Association,

Prince William County HOA Roundtable,

Alliance of Independent Owners,

Inside the editorial staff of NOVA,

Inside NOVA Opinion Columnist,


Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area,

Ken Burns,

Award-winning filmmaker and historian,

Lake Manassas Owners Association,

Ridge Lake,


Coles Civic Association,

Landview Estates Civic Association,

Lawnvale Estates Owners Association,

Lewinsville faith in action,

Manassas Battlefield Trust,

Manassas Battlefield National Park,

Meadows at Morris Farm Community Association,

Prince William’s Middle County Civic Association,

Montclair Owners Association,

Council of Citizens Associations of Mount Vernon,

National Parks Conversation Association,

National Trust for Historic Preservation,

Oak Valley Homeowners Association,

Environmental Council of Piedmont,

Piedmont Owners Association,

Guardians of the Potomac,

Virginia Preservation,

Prince William Conservation Alliance,

Prince William County Historical Commission,

Prince William County Watershed Management Branch,

Prince William Wildflower Society,

Richmond Civil War Roundtable,

Riverbend Estates HOA,

Saratoga Hunt Owners Association,

Picturesque Virginia,

Shelter Lakes Homeowners Association,

Sierra Club,

Silverleaf Estates HOA,

Son of Union veterans,

Fairfax County South County Federation,

Southeast Rural Community Support Project,

Southern Center for Environmental Law,

State Senate Candidate (30th District) Ian Lovejoy,

Departmental Council of Citizen Associations of Sully,

Thunder Oak Homeowners Association,

Fredericksburg Tree,

Virginia Conservation Network,

Virginia Department of Forests,

Virginia Conservation Voters League,

Virginia Native Plant Society,

Virginia Piedmont Heritage Region Association,

Virginia Run Owners Association,

Chesapeake Water Guardians,

Western Fairfax County Citizens Association,

Monitoring of wetlands,

wild Virginia,

Woodbridge – Civic Association of Potomac Communities