Higher education technology company Modern Campus on Wednesday announced the acquisition of enrollment software provider Augusoft, the company’s fifth acquisition in the past 12 months.

Augusoft’s online enrollment software, Lumens, is designed to manage students enrolled in continuing and professional education. Modern Campus offers a competing student management system for non-traditional enrollments called Destiny One. As colleges and universities continue to seek to expand online learning, certificate and workforce development offerings to combat declining enrollment, both companies offer solutions designed for students who are looking for credentials outside of degrees, such as certificates or badges.

Augusoft says more than eight million students in North America have enrolled in courses using Lumens since its launch in 2000.

The acquisition is in line with Modern Campus’ strategy of focusing on products that enhance digital service to students at higher education institutions and is the second acquisition announced so far in 2022. Modern Campus announced the week latest acquisition of Signal Vine, a company that offers custom text. – Messaging for higher education and non-profit organizations.

After a series of acquisitions in the first half of 2021, Modern Campus CEO Brian Kibby told EdScoop that higher education institutions could improve their professional and continuing education prospects by offering high-quality digital services. If a student has a positive first-time experience, he says, they’ll be more likely to consider their alma mater when it comes time to return to school.

Augusoft’s announcement comes a week after the National Student Clearinghouse released data showing that although overall enrollment continues to decline, institutions are seeing more first-time enrollment from students over the age of 24 and in undergraduate programs outside of associates and bachelor’s degrees, such as certificates and unstructured programs.

“The world and technology are changing so rapidly, so this skill enhancement is here forever,” Kibby told EdScoop last summer. “I don’t see it ending, so we will continue to adapt to it. The pain points of today will not necessarily be the pain points of tomorrow, but there will be pain points. So we will continue to focus on how to solve complex problems.

Modern Campus, which was formed by the merger of two edtech companies last year, serves nearly 2,000 higher education institutions.