North West, Singapore, January 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Singapore is known as the City of the Lion. It is the financial center of Asia and brings together many companies and talents of technological innovation. ABGA invited Diamond and Platinum members, cooperative media and community partners, as well as special guests to attend the launch of ABGA. At the same time, many international venture capital firms and senior blockchain investors, blockchain game industry pioneers, leading media platforms, industry experts in the field of blockchain blockchain field and tech-driven game developers will all meet here. Everyone had an in-depth sharing and discussion on the field of blockchain gaming and jointly discussed the endless possibilities of the field of blockchain gaming in the future.

As a not-for-profit blockchain gaming alliance, ABGA was jointly initiated by leading institutions in the blockchain and gaming industry. It aims to gather industry insight, select excellent teams and enterprises, to broaden investment horizons, promote the development of the blockchain game industry, and help Asia Power’s high-quality projects and teams to be based in Asia and travel to the world. Since the online pre-establishment conference in late November, ABGA has attracted other leading organizations in the monetary circle to join as Diamond and Platinum members. Going forward, ABGA will also work with more like-minded members to enthusiastically participate in building the blockchain gaming ecosystem and grow with the industry.

The conference was chaired by Yoka Zhou, General Secretary of ABGA. The launch ceremony is divided into four parts: opening speech, panel discussion, ABGA launch ceremony and free exchange reception.

ABGA Chairman, Ninth City Shareholders and YGG Singapore Director Roland Ong delivered keynote addresses. Roland first listed the relevant data of the current market: So far, GameFi NFT’s transaction volume has reached US $ 10.7 billion. In the third quarter of 2021, NFT transaction volume accounted for 9% of total global game industry spending. Meanwhile, 18 million NFT players contributed an average of $ 600 to the NFT game market, and billions of players in Asia are entering the gaming metaverse. Roland said that the blockchain playground is a blue ocean full of opportunity, but at the same time, he also highlighted the many challenges the industry is currently facing. First, there is still a gap between the number of NFT gaming guilds and players in blockchain games compared to the traditional playground. Mainstream gamers haven’t found a clear direction of development in the game’s metaverse. Second, the current NFT Gaming Guild only participates in some popular NFT games, which may run out of good games that can last longer. or have more potential. For NFT game studios, finding the right marketing channels to effectively promote and market their games is important.

Simon Li, the early initiator of ABGA, executive vice president of ABGA and founder of Chain Capital moderated this roundtable. Speakers included Joshua Ho, YGGSEA advisor; Prakash, CEO of the Enjinstarter blockchain game launch platform; Lawrence, Razer GameFi & Defi Director; and Nicholas Khoo, Managing Director of Khoo Capital.

After this fruitful discussion, ABGA Executive Chairman, Bitrise Capital Co-Founder Kevin Shao delivered a speech. He said the blockchain gaming industry is doing very well in 2021, with many successful projects like Axie Infinity, Mobox, and My Neighbor Alice. The new trend in the crypto market is gradually shifting towards the realm of blockchain games, which may be the best way for the masses to enter the crypto world. Right now, there are thousands of blockchain game projects in the market. It is not easy for VCs, exchanges and even the market to select potential projects for docking, investment and promotion. At the same time, many game studios have entered the crypto market from the traditional games market. They can create great blockchain games and endow the blockchain gaming industry with greater value.

However, due to the lack of relevant industry knowledge, many newcomers It is difficult to survive in new territory. In addition, the industry needs standards, professional thinking and guidance to point it in the right direction. Kevin pointed out that ABGA is an investment portal for investment institutions which can offer many opportunities. Through platforms like ABGA, institutions can gain industry insight, filter, screen top teams and companies, broaden their investment horizons, and promote blockchain games. Industry development. For start-up teams, ABGA is an incubator and an accelerator. The right projects can gain high-quality funding, advice and exposure to the industry by connecting to the huge, mature blockchain gaming institutions spanning upstream and downstream of the alliance. In conclusion, he said that ABGA’s vision is to build a blockchain gaming ecosystem and grow with the industry.

At the end of the meeting, the launching ceremony of the ABGA began. With the 5-second countdown on the big screen, all the guests present illuminated the personalized Huawei ABGA bracelet in their hands to witness the official kick-off of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance!

The ABGA launch ceremony ended successfully. In the future, ABGA will continue to organize related alliance activities, with at least three mega-events in Singapore, a gamefi hackathon, a game competition for the award-winning hackathon games and an annual awards ceremony at the end of the year, to build a blockchain gaming bridge in Asia and the world.


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