The Delhi government plans to gradually develop food hubs throughout the city. In the first phase, Majnu Ka Tila in north Delhi, known as the nation’s capital’s “Little Tibet”, and Chandni Chowk market, known for its street food, will be redeveloped into mega food hubs.

Announcing the initiative, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said: “Unemployment is rising across the country, including many young people in Delhi (who are unemployed). So, to boost employment and promote food joints in Delhi, we decided to develop food hubs. With the development of these hubs, business will increase, revenue will be boosted and a large number of new employment opportunities will be generated.

Kejriwal said the AAP-led government over the past six to seven years has created job opportunities for around 12 to 13 lakh people in Delhi and will generate additional 20 lakh jobs in the coming years. .

He said after extensive research, consultation and several meetings with market associations, they selected Majnu Ka Tila and Chandni Chowk. “These two iconic markets will be developed on a pilot basis in the first phase, and after that other food hubs and joints will follow,” he said.

Under this project, the government will develop the physical infrastructure of the market, improve roads and work on electricity, water and sanitation. In addition to this, the government also aims to focus on the implementation of food safety and hygiene guidelines, and work on the branding of these centers to bring them up to international standards, so that people coming to Delhi from all over the world can enjoy it.

The CM added that Delhi is known as the food capital of India. “All types of food from Asia to Italy to South India are available here in Delhi. So we want to promote our food nationally and internationally.

To select architectural consultants and contractors for the project, the government will hold a design competition within the next six weeks, where designs will be invited by top firms in the country.

“Within the next 12 weeks, the architectural design will be finalized and contracts will be awarded to start work on the food hubs. After the development of these two markets, the government will identify and develop others in the next phase,” Kejriwal said.

The project will be executed by the Delhi Tourism Department and the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC).

Government sources have also said that the government plans to hold food festivals in Delhi once the centers are developed. The ‘Dilli Food Centers Redevelopment’ was announced as part of the government’s 2022-23 budget. The government also plans to set up food trucks and promote cloud kitchens in Delhi.

In addition, the government is also going to hold a month-long shopping festival across Delhi from late January to February 28. Significant discounts, cultural programs, concerts, games, food walks and other entertainment activities will be organized. “It’s going to be a mega-event…” Kejriwal said earlier.

The government is also working on basic food safety and hygiene education and training modules. Monthly audits to check quality assurance, maintenance of civic infrastructure and health security measures will be carried out, a government official said.