Lumen Technologies (Lumen), a provider of high-speed edge computing platforms and solutions, has launched its Edge Bare Metal services for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market. The move marks the company’s continued investment in its state-of-the-art infrastructure and suite of services for the region, supporting enterprise innovations and data-intensive applications of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Lumen Edge Bare Metal offers dedicated, fee-based server hardware hosted in distributed locations connected to the Lumen Global Fiber Network.

It delivers exceptional application performance by running on edge nodes designed for latency of five milliseconds or less over the Lumen fiber network and enhanced security and connectivity designed to isolate and protect data.

With the ability to run applications and workloads on a unified platform, customers can focus on application development rather than time-consuming infrastructure deployment.

The service will leverage edge locations in Japan and Singapore and Lumen’s highly connected network in the APAC region.

“We are excited to bring our edge computing solutions to the growing APAC market. So much here is cutting edge. The region has a strong presence of corporate clients that use blockchain technologies to drive innovation. APAC customers in key industries such as retail, manufacturing, and financial services can now deploy applications and workloads that demand ultra-low latency at the edge. Our Lumen services deliver efficient and reliable operations that can maintain this momentum,” said Francis Thangasamy, General Manager, Lumen Technologies APAC.

The first deployment of the Lumen Edge Bare Metal service in APAC was in Singapore and Japan for a global blockchain-based non-profit organization.

Using Lumen’s service, the global non-profit blockchain association can provide state-of-the-art, high-speed computing infrastructure for node operations and developers on its network, supporting its global community of blockchain validators and vendors. and application programming interface developers.

Other existing portfolio solutions in the region include Lumen Edge Private Cloud, which provides a pre-built infrastructure for high-performance private cloud computing connected to Lumen’s global fiber network.

The Lumen Network is one of the largest and most deeply connected networks in the world, spanning 643,000 kilometers of global fiber routes, including undersea cable networks.

The Lumen Edge Computing Platform is a state-of-the-art architecture on one of the largest and most peer-to-peer networks in the world. A fully integrated computing, cloud, storage, networking, CDN, security, and orchestration stack that makes it easy to scale resources based on capacity, bandwidth, latency, processing power and a number of locations.

Notably, edge computing is a new way to deliver data and applications closer to where the data is generated. It’s like bringing together millions of smaller cloud environments with the billions of devices that make up the IoT.

Unlike cloud computing, which consolidates data processing in large, centralized data centers that may be hundreds of miles from where the data is collected, edge computing allows companies to place computing and storage where interactions between people and devices occur. This enables companies to deliver more satisfying experiences to end users, support latency-sensitive use cases, and innovate faster with technologies like AI and machine learning.