Published: 03/09/2022 20:50:59

Modified: 09/03/2022 20:50:26

GOSHEN — Evelyn Culver, who served the city for decades in professional and volunteer roles and led the Council On Aging throughout the pandemic, is stepping down as COA coordinator. His last day of work will be March 12.

“It’s time for me to retire,” Culver said. “I love my job, but it’s something I can’t handle anymore.”

Culver, who turns 75 this summer, has led the COA for nearly five years, the latest in a long line of posts she’s held around town.

“It just seems like I’ve been doing something for the city all my adult life,” Culver said.

Culver previously served on the board of directors of the Council on Aging, as chief electoral officer for 14 years, and on the Goshen Bicentennial Committee.

“I’ve always been on some sort of committee,” Culver said.

Additionally, Culver has served as secretary of the Goshen Women’s Club for over two decades. A longtime resident of Goshen, Culver has three children, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren — with another on the way.

“We will miss her so much,” said Kristen Estelle, City Clerk of Goshen. “She’s like everyone’s mother.”

Estelle said Culver has a personality that makes people feel like they can ask or say anything to him.

“I really enjoyed working with her over the past five years,” said Estelle.

As the COA’s coordinator for the entirety of the pandemic, Culver said the work sometimes gets “more involved.”

“We tried to help the elderly in every way we could,” she said, recalling how the COA delivered goody bags to the elderly during this time.

“We tried to include seniors who were alone at home,” Culver said.

The bags included items such as face masks, tissues and coloring books, and Estelle said Culver helped come up with the idea for them with the COA board.

Culver also mentioned the curbside lunches the COA has launched during the pandemic. Estelle said the Goshen COA was the first aging council to do so and has inspired other cities to follow suit.

“He’s just a person who has so many ideas,” Estelle said.

The ACO also hosted outdoor social events last year, which Culver said were a hit.

“I hope whoever takes over will continue to organize social events for my seniors,” she said.

Estelle says that she has heard from several people interested in the position of coordinator and that she is not worried that it will be filled. Those interested in the part-time position should email the Select Board at [email protected]

“I absolutely loved this job as the ACO coordinator,” Culver said. “It was very rewarding.”

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