As the weather breaks, litter from a winter will appear along county roads.

A loyal group of volunteers who are part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program will do their best to clean it up.

At the start of this work and as part of Earth Day, PennDOT offered special recognition to those who have participated in the program from the beginning.

District 1, of which Warren County is a part, has 127 groups and individuals who have volunteered for at least 25 years.

Six of these Warren County groups have been involved since the program’s inception 31 years ago – Boy Scout Troop 13, Cindy Conquer, Mrs. Norman Dale English, Sheffield Lions Club, Suzann L. Yovich and the “The Brown Hill Group.

“We are very grateful to have so many dedicated volunteers helping us over the years, especially those who return year after year,” District 1 executive Brian McNulty said. “The cost of waste is not just the eye sore it creates. It is also the time spent removing it from roadsides, transporting it to disposal sites and paying for it. properly discarded.Our AAH volunteers help us control some of these costs while improving the beauty of our roadsides.

Nearly 1,100 miles of road have been adopted under the program. However, there are 3,000 miles of unadopted roads in the region.

PennDOT said 12 new groups or individuals have signed up in that corner of the state.

“The cleaning season starts in March, but additional volunteers can sign up at any time of the year”, said Cheryl Wimer, District 1 AAH Coordinator. “If you’d like to get involved, but don’t have a particular route or area in mind, our county coordinators can help identify a location that’s right for you.”

The program is open to individuals or groups of any kind. PennDOT posts signs along the route, giving volunteers some recognition for their work. The agency also provides gloves, trash bags and safety vests in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection and Pick Up Pennsylvania.

Volunteers are encouraged to collect smaller ones from a two-mile stretch of road at least twice a year.

The effort runs through May 31, and additional information can be found at

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